• Dylan Caufield

Will coronavirus be the new constitutional catch 22?

Updated: May 22

Public shootings have become huge headlines over the years. Arguments have raged over the harm and benefit of the citizenship owning and possessing a gun. Constitutional scholars, gun rights advocates and opponents scrutinize each case and eventually we have seen an erosion of the second amendment with gun free zones, holding periods, registrations, age restrictions , etc. --all of which have provided more red tape for the legal gun owner to follow and more of a nuisance to motivate criminal behavior and acquire a gun illegally. The politics and propganda of the gun debate is as hot and contagious as the corona virus, which in itself, may become the new boogeyman—constitutional catch22.

This political hot potato right now is not the traditional guns versus butter but rather doing something verus doing nothing. Right now, with the quarrantine in effect, we are saving humanity by sitting on our ass--don't go to work and only going out in public if for essential services. This balancing act of turning on the economic engine versus saving the lives of humanity is now a daily heated debate. There is a boogy man behind both curtains. If the quarrantine persist with strict guidelines and majority of the workforce can't work, then the economy suffers, and it could be beyond the levels of the Great Deprssion. A healthy economy helps pay for the healthcare that is needed to treat the virus. The cure will become worse than the virus. Depression, suicide, and crime will skyrocket. Eventually nobody will have a job accept for those essential services the government deems necessary. The Great Depression will look like a slight economic downturn compard to the economic apocalypse of a long drawn out quarrantine. On the other side of the coin, if someone goes back to work and dies from getting in contact with the virus, then there will be a fury of "I told you so'" from armchair immunologist.

It seems like every crisis gets boiled down to a two sided coin, and this is no different. One side will be the so called "patriots"--the brave working people who willfully choose to engage either as producers or consumers to benefit the economy, and the other side will be the so called "paranoias"--the sheeple who will stay home to protect the one percent chance of dying or causing someone else from dying.. The twist of irony is that the patriots will be considered paranoid of federal government guidelines and the paranoias will be championed as patriots for standing up for the slim minority and representing the greater good. Class action suits will fly both ways. Patriots will be sued for jeopardizing those who are at risk, and the paranoias will be sued by patriots who feel their first amendment constitutional rights being violated (freedom to assemble). Therefore, this could lead to another eight hundred pound gorilla more enormous than the abortion debate. Future Supreme Court Justice be aware of where you stand on corona. Oh brother, or shouId I say, oh big brother.

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