• Dylan Caufield

Why the Covid-19 Books are being Cooked?

Updated: May 22

I prefer my corona with a lime--it taste better. That is how beer consumer like it. When it comes to the corona virus it seems that adding a bitter after taste makes it better. This is the way legacy news outlets and the WHO serve it. It is easier to sell a tragedy than an act of bravery...it is our nature and the legacy news feeds this insatiable appetite of this patheric human condition. Chart below reinforces the the fakery and the exaggeration of corona numbers. New York seems to have cured cancer, heart disease, stroke, and curbed accidents in the last year...NOT!

So why the fakery? This dsinfo seems to coming from China with the help of the WHO to help foster the lie or coverup the numbers. Look at what is not being reported. Two things I zero in on. One: last year the protest was at fever pitch in Hong Kong In protest to the Communist Chinese Party. The CCP struggled to stop it. But where did all those protesters go? Did corona take them away? Many cell phone numbers have become disconnected. Two: India--how can a country of its population and proximity to China have hardly any reports of corona? Are they covering up the numbers there or does this show that corona was a targeted bioweapon?

A time to reflect has brought up two more things. One is perspective--let's be positive and zero in on the survival rate, which is across the globe astonishingly high, and two, and I have mentioned this before, but does the spread of corona coincide with the spread of the 5G network. This would explain why India, not as high tech as China, South Korea, Europe, and United States have had hardly any cases, and Africa only has cases in South Africa, where most of the economic development takes place. This is a headscratcher and the reason why we call this the cynic citizen.

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