• Dylan Caufield

What will happen next

So the scam is starting to take shape. Keep Biden in the basement and exaggerate his lead over Trump in the fake polls, while simultaneously allowing Democrap-controlled cities to conduct chaos in order to provoke federal troops to maintain order. Therefore, it creates a tyrannical perception, and a tyrannical perception is the stark dark scary reality to the sheep who follow and listen to to the orders given out by MSM. The brainwashed bozos bow down and believe the comedy, and George Carlin would have delivered this perfectly...I can just hear him,

George Carlin to mask moron--"so to tell me mask man, are you able to breathe with that mask on?"

Mask Moron to George Carlin--"well of course, if I couldn't breathe I would be dead."

Carlin to MM: "so if you can breathe through the mask, do you think a virus can come through your mask?"

MM to Carlin-- "Well, uh, I dunno. My governor told me to wear it and he has really nice hair so I figured he was correct and thought it would work. Also, that Fauci guy--he looks like one of those smart nerd science guys, and he said to wear it. So you're saying I'm going to die?."

Carlin to MM-- "No, you have a 99.7 percent chance of living if you get it. In the actuary table of life..that's pretty good. Those are betters odds than walking to your car in the middle of the day in downtown Chicago."

MM to Carlin--"I have one of these masks made in China mask that doctors use for surgeries, so I know I am safe, but you are not, so where is your mask.?"

Carlin to MM: "Fuck the mask, it does no good. But here, I will slip up my stupid ass gaiter around my neck and put it over my pissed off face to calm your silly ass down. I will concede how you got duped by Fauci. He has all the ingredients of a geeky science guy. He looks like he jerks off in vaccine vials and he throws a baseball like a faggot would throw a bar of soap. Let me drop a factoid to you, the best mask has holes that are 200 times bigger than a deadly virus, so the only thing that your mask will cover is your facially challenged face."

Anyway, I digress. Trump has acquiesced to mask. He is just trying to get everybody to chill. Stress is a huge problem in health so he feels if you want to wear a mask, wear one, and if makes you feel better if somebody else is wearing it, then the patriots will go along with the con and cover their grill, but the medical justifications are as lame as a Fauci fastball. Fauci isn't even wearing a mask in the stands, which follows a viral video (20 million views) about the cure and prevention claims of hydroxychloroquine with a z pack from medical doctors on the steps of the supreme court. Trump has already stated that he took this dosage. So maybe Fauci has as well? Fauci who is up to his poorly worn face mask in globalism, WHO, Bill Gates, vaccines, etc. has naturally rebuked the effects of hydroxychloroquine. But why did Brazil receive 2 million dosages from the United States back in May. Conclusion: COVID-19 has a cure and prevention if used correctly and everybody in the know knows this. Our government, media, and big pharma--they are all aware of this yet they are the ones leading the narrative scam. Why? Medical tyranny is the perfect cover to execute the Great Reset. And the vaccine is not just about curing COVID , it's about injecting you with a DNA altering gene. It will be the foundation to AI--that's what it is all about--why else would Bill Gates make a comment that people will need several vaccines to cure COVID--what he meant was that it will take several vaccines to achieve the level of AI that we want.

However, this medical tyranny has also escorted in the Great Awakening. Being in quarantine and locked in their house, people have begun to connect the dots. MSM is one gigantic disinformation campaign. Social media and alternative media, if you weave through the thicket and stay ahead of the MSM bullshit, has been extremely resourceful. Information moves at lightning speed and the deep state is constantly trying to plug the holes in the MSM boat. But they cannot and will not ever be able to stop it. The viral video about the cure and prevention of hydroxychloroquine has already been deleted. Is there a medical expert that supersedes what these doctors said on Twitter and Facebook? Why is MSM going out of its way to dissuade the public of the contents of this video? I can think of 20 million reasons why--and I just mention in the previous paragraph that the gateway to AI is the real reason why. The people are seeing more and more of these types of videos before they are being deleted, and they are becoming more awake to the lies and corruption of the Deep State. Reverse engineer this thinking and be wary of a controversial video with millions of hits that are still up on youtube....videos that you would think the government would want you to delete...is it propaganda meant to manipulate or trick the public? Do your research and check the sources and the influences of these sources. There is a reason why a controversial video is being deleted or being left alone, and it is not pure coincidence.

The bottom line is that Trump knows that the media is the virus. The media are loud and annoying parrots that regurgitate the talking points of the nefarious factions that hate our country. The media bang Trump like a pinata, just so they can lead the sheep to skirmish after the goodies on the ground. But more and more people are finding out that this fake candy is rotten and just a distraction from the truth. The exploitation of petty differences and harping on controversial matters that have no importance is right out of the communist playbook. that really has no significance. I have mentioned it before. This is all part of a coup to overthrow the republic, not just Trump. It is confusing because It's we have willing accomplices in the other party, within our own country, who really do hate America, and really think you are stupid. China and Russia have infiltrated this country. This did not happen overnight. This has been decades in the making. Our politicians are so compromised and blackmailed that they will kneel to anything and lie to counter any truth.

Sports has just become the kissing cousin to MSM. Owners and athletes are following the social justice script in order to keep the almighty dollar flowing. Many of these sports teams are owned by hedge funds and investment management companies that deal with billions of dollars in global assets. Endorsement deals and shoe contracts with global ties to China are certainly the reason. I mean, seriously, 2020 came upon us, and all of sudden these people got religion about social justice. Also, athletes are being used as pawns in the COVID testing scam. Scary reports about healthy athletes reporting positive for COVID will have the sheep biting their nails. Pay attention--these rise on COVID test happen to be in swing states, as far as the election. If the leagues choose to shut down it is to protect against civil unrest using covid as cover. People will see through this. Meantime no reports on homeless dying from this virus. People see through this, this is part of the Great Awakening.

The COVID scare is going to get ramped up, and I think it is to keep everybody indoors because of more riots and protests. Read about Agenda 21 and how it is a sophisticated organization at all levels of government to take over anything that impacts the environment. Their agenda invites world government and to get there you need martial law. So should cities just burn? No, that’s not a solution either. Prepare for martial law and continued civil unrest. People are not going to be content nor will they accept the outcome of the election in November regardless of the outcome. If you don’t know how to defend yourself and some of the fundamental basics of self-defense, now would be an excellent time to learn. The mainstream media and the politicians are using predictive programming to tell us what’s coming, and from what I can tell, it will not be fun autumn or winter this year.