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What did Plandemic say?

Updated: May 22

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if you missed the video of ”pandemic” click above and share. If it does not open here is a synopsis and my take.

The original video posted on Youtube had over a million views before it was deleted for contradicting the World Health Organization and the NIH. I saw it, so I thought I would objectively pare what I saw and heard versus the reactions from people and institutions out there in cyberland.

Before I watched the video I had already read the onslaught of rhetoric discrediting the research science of Dr. Judy Mikovits. The tsunami size smear job from the globalist, medical boards, and all their sheep, basically said her findings were rubbish and that her testimony was not trusted. Anybody who believes a scintilla of what comes out of her mouth is wearing a tinfoil hat, drinking crazy Koolaid, couched with the usual labels of conspiracy theorists, extremist, lunatic, and wacko. My guard immediately goes up when this occurs. I am not a scientist but I am a very astute student of how the wind blows in the media. A very successful trial attorney friend of mine once told me that in every case he sized up the argument he was going to advance in the media in the following order of priority:--if he had the facts then he would use the facts, but if he had more credibility with citing a statute or a piece of law to support his argument then he would go with that; however, if he was flimsy on the facts and the law then would move to plan C which is to discredit the individual that purports to have incriminating evidence that could damage the credibility of his client (think OJ Simspson case of blaming cops)

So here are some takes on the 26 -minute video. First, the video claims that Dr. Judy Mikovits was part of the team that discovered HIV, revolutionized HIV treatment, and was jailed without charges for her scientific positions. Apparently, she published a blockbuster article in the journal of science that revealed that animal and human fetal tissue were unleashing plagues of chronic diseases. Big Pharma began waging war on her career and reputation and personal life, Now she is naming names or will be when the upcoming full documentary comes out this summer. She made a discovery that conflicted with the agreed-upon narrative and was booked with no due process. She says she was forced into bankruptcy and had a perfect credit score. She was prepared to bring forth 97 witnesses, that included Faucci and heads of health and HHS who would have had to testify, to who where and when are not clear, but putting someone in jail and pretending these claims never existed is one way of never having

names revealed. She says she was a fugitive of justice. She says evidence was planted in her house to look as if she took confidential names and information and intellectual property from a laboratory where this abuse was taken place. Dept. of HHS colluded to damage her reputation and the Dept. of Justice and the FBI sat on it and did nothing. She will be naming names in her book "Plague of Corruption."

She is fighting for the Republic she says.

Anthony Faucci, head of the current task force, was the head of the coverup back then and you would think she is hinting maybe even now, said everybody was paid off, and handsomely..claims that the investigators were paid by Fauccis organization. She questions the Bayd Dole act--the university transfer of patents--which gave government workers the right to patent their discoveries and claim intellectual property for something the tax payer paid for--feels this has compromised science and it is the crime behind the science. In other words, federal funds are sent to universities for research, they can then patent their findings and license it, receive huge fees, to private sector (big Pharma) who then passes it on to healthcare cost. (This is a fact that is undeniable)

She is not anti vaccine and she says vaccine use as pat of immune therapy is beneficial. She feels that this virus (assumes she is talking about corona) was manipulated and not naturally occurring, The family of virus were studied in laboratory. She says that this corona virus occurred from SARS 1 and in a decade it resulted in corona..she says that is not naturally occurring, which would take hundreds of years. She feels it was created between various U.S. labs and Wuhan Labratory. The U.S government gave 3.7 million grant to Wuhan Lab. In 1999 she worked at Fort Detrich to teach Ebola how to affect human cells without killing them, but ebola could not affect human cells until we took it in the laboratories.

Mikovits echoes what we already know about Dr. Birch which is that we are taking a very liberal definition of mortality during COVID-19 and that there has been a lot of shady calculations on the skewing the numbers and the incentives from medicare and the use of ventilators to collect more money.

She says Italy was hit hard because of the old population, sick with inflammatory disorders and in 2019 they got an untested new form of an influenza vaccine that had 4 different strains of influenza including the highly pathogenic H1N1--that vaccine was grown in a cell line of dogs and dogs have lots of corona viruses...she talks about hydroxychloroquine and how the AMA dissuaded its use but has been an essential drug for 70 years...50 cents a dose she says and we can protect people on this concoction. She says that seramin was taken offshelf from WHO...FDA, CDC and It was effective. The bottom line, and I agree with, she feels that anything that has not been or cannot be patented is to be shutdown or kept quiet. She goes on to claim that flu vaccines increase the odds of contracting corona by 36 parent..says that military personnel who received flu vaccines were more susceptible to corona. She is one of many who says we are doing the exact opposite to contain this virus....questions why we close the beach..says the sand and salt water are good for you...brings up the point that we have propaganda circulating around for us to hate each other...

You don't get funded if you don't speak the party line and that part I agree with. As far as the other claims she makes, you be the judge. She says sounds credible And gives specifics.

We live in a world where the louder you scream, then it must be true...particularly if the shouting is backed up by trillion-dollar alphabet agencies that embrace the infallible, irrefutable discoveries from their hall of fame ivy league scientist with multi-syllable names that are difficult to pronounce. This does not mean that WHO and CDC are full of quacks and that their work is not worthy, but it would be remiss to say they do have a vested interest in sustaining their power. They do not want their voice weakened. This same argument holds true with OPEC and big oil. They do not want to lose their voice, yet the constant push for alternative energy sources and the champion to have cleaner air and reduce global warming has pecked away at their narrative. Some say that the anti-global warming narrative is funded by big oil.

Money buys influence and money buys silence.

(It keeps resurfacing, so if you cannot download it, try the Plandemic website, which invites people to download the video and repost it.)

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