• Dylan Caufield

Uh, Travel Ban and Close Borders, Yeah Man, We Should Do Dat.

Updated: May 4

So, uh, if you restrict travel and close borders then, uh, the coronavirus wont spread as fast. Yeah, I get it now. So, uh, (hold on I am trying to get my weed infested mind on track), anyway, uh, so closing borders is not a racist thing....it's like a humanitatiran thing. We got to protect our homies here and keep those sick niggas out. Trump says we need to do all the common sense things, which is kind of hard for me, like washing hands, using hand sanitizer, not going to work if sick (that part is easy for me). Trump is practicing what he preaches, he says that he has not touched his orange face in over a month. Stock market is dropping like mercury on a cold day, which is hitting all them billionaire niggas hard, but, uh, hey, human cost is mo important than financial losses. So closing borders is not about hating mexicans its about keepin the bad stuff out. Yeah, now that I have coronavirus, it makes sense now.

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