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To Mask or Not To Mask, That is the Question

Updated: May 14

May 14, 2020

This is an updated entry on the ongoing debate whether to mask or not. Here is an interesting take from Mark Toakarski at Piece of Mindful blog.

There is no “Covid-19” virus. If there were, given all the resources available for testing and stimulus, funds would have been made available for some nerdy researchers to isolate and purify It. That has not been done. There cannot possibly be valid antibody tests, as there is, again no virus.

The RT-PCR test, most widely used to identify people who have the virus, does no such thing, as there is no virus. It does, however, light up an RNA sequence, one that exists in many if not all of us. Because the machine is so inaccurate, its results are mostly false positives. There are no “false negatives,” as there is no “Covid-19. There is an exact correlation between positive test results and the number of tests done. This only tells us that tests are being done, but nothing about the disease.

Because the RT-PCR test is unreliable, because there is no proof that COVID-19 even exists, because supposed COVID-19 manifests no symptoms distinguishable from flu, and because CDC has told doctors to label anyone with flu-like symptoms as having COVID-19 (with financial incentives), all incidences of COVID-19 can safely be tabled false. All of them.

There is no “pandemic,” at least in the US. Take a look at this web page from CDC, and see on the exhibit that “Deaths from All Sources” from February through now are 99% of the average of the last three years. (You must read footnote #2 to grasp this.) During disease outbreaks, they count “excess” deaths over normal. There are none. We are experiencing normal cold and flu season, an annual purge/detoxification/culling not well understood by anyone, least of all doctors.

Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR machine, most likely under duress, faked his death last August. He was a vocal opponent of the use of his invention to identify carriers of HIV. Prior to this long-planned pandemic, it was understood he had to leave the scene by one means or another. They tell us he died of pneumonia, a sick joke.

Viruses do not cause disease. We are still in the medical Dark Ages. No one has ever explained how “HIV” causes AIDS, because they can’t. It doesn’t. The black and gloomy propaganda around the disease is merely a ticket for the vast medical cartel around us to pick our pockets, keep us in fear, and kill us with their potions. People suffer from what I call “presentism,” the idea that we live in enlightened times. Nothing could be further from the truth. Doctors can treat wounds and broken limbs. They know nothing about the disease. Avoid them.

Face masks and social distancing are mass-persuasion marketing tools used to convince people that there really is a virus. The degree of success is alarming, telling us how suggestible most people are. Schooling, no matter the level, never taught them to think properly, to be skeptical, to distrust “experts” and authority figures. They are their own enemies, afraid and useless. I hold them in contempt, except my immediate family, of course.

Governments are eunuchs. The Wisconsin Supreme Court decision is the first act of any officials I have seen to overrule the medical cartel that has destroyed our lives and freedoms. It will be short-lived, I fear.  I suspect because that is where WHO is centered, that the cabal that is running this charade is centered in Geneva, Switzerland. When our Colorado governor, who appears to be an actor and a man of low character and intelligence, Jared Polis, “orders” us to stay home, he has been ordered by other forces to do so, probably from a desk in Geneva with a sign on it that says “Western US.” He has neither the intelligence nor authority to issue such commands. But police will carry out his orders because people are afraid, disorganized, and unable to resist.

We are a disgrace. My wife and I are going hiking today and will violate every order, ignore every edict while out and about. If challenged, I will demand that before any penalty is handed down, that I will be shown proof of the existence of the virus. Because I know they cannot do that, it is only the utter corruption of our system of government that will make it stick. I am Diogenes. I want to meet an honest man. Has humanity always been so corrupt? Well, look at the time that he lived, and judge.

We have devolved into a gooey mess of liars, charlatans, and blind followers. It is a whackadoo planet. I cannot wait, sometimes, to move on.

Enjoy your day. Resist, disobey, never wear a mask. Be alive.

May 7, 2020

To Mask or not to mask, that is the burning question, and it starts with the number one question...do mask work? Conflicting reports come out daily it seems and it is creating another divide in the country--the mean-mugging mask faces versus the selfless sans mask marauders.

The UK Royal Society concludes that wearing a mask in public, whether it is a surgical mask worn on Greys Anatomy or some homemade rag used to wash your car will help reduce the deadly virus spread. However, not everyone agrees. Simon Clarke, Associate Professor in cellular microbiology at the University of Reading says that this study dismissed too many other precautionary principles and is overly optimistic that it does work. So there you go. You could fill a ten-episode Netflix documentary with countering opinions from plenty of multiple degreed intellectual eggheads on immunology, epidemiology, and other professions that end in o-l-o-g-y.

Like an expert witness on the stand in a murder trial, one has to consider the influence and bias of the expert. Are they paid contributors? Are they just singing the scientific song for the WHO? Are they politically aligned with one party or another? Do they have any skin in the game, and if so, are their findings being promoted or suppressed by certain sectors of the media, and if so who are they? Some of these questions may be overreaching but the ambiguity seems to be no different than a murder victim using the insanity defense, where expert testimony could be found anywhere to uphold or debunk the evidence of the given circumstance.

So right now the mean-mugging mask faces have the backing of the government that is recommending it, and the selfless sans mask marauders have the backing of the constitution which upholds civil rights, individuality, and freedom of choice. Here at the cynic citizen, we lean toward the latter. We are not attending coughing parties in our neighbor's sweaty basement, recycling sweat for running water, and pumping poisonous fumes through the air conditioner. We are using common sense--social distancing, eating right and getting some exercise which includes going outside for some much-needed vitamin D. We take zinc and other vitamins that are good for the immune system ( doterra essential oils are very good). We do not wish to inflict any harm nor do we wish any ill will on others during this pandemic, but we are not driving in our own car, by ourselves, wearing a mask, afraid that the person who always walks their dog every morning by our house ferociously sneezed, thus penetrating a powerful pathogen through the closed garage door and tightly sealed rolled-up windows of our car. No, we are not, and in fact, as the pandemic progresses it seems that the mask just seems to be another chapter to push an agenda.

So in end, the selfless sans mask marauders want to leave with two final questions for the mean-mugging mask faces. If mask work, why do businesses need to be closed? And if they don't work, why are we being forced to wear them?

My answer: Some say that the government is tracking us right now through this entire episode through all kinds of mechanism granted by the 5G network. So are mask a symbol of the sheep and the sans mask a symbol of the patriots? Stay tuned.

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