• Dylan Caufield

The Thinkers and Non Thinkers of Corona!

Updated: May 22

There seems to be a civil war brewing--those who think for themselves versus who let others do the thinking for them. Those who can think were not taught common core math and those who don't obviously wrote the book on something that does not understand.

The thinkers know that the shock and awe techniques from the usual media minions are simply shock and flaw. Medical professionals are starting to speak out and the scarf queen on the task force has even said the CDC is inflating the numbers. Those that think to know that if they are sick and if they are not scared, then why should they be in house arrest. Those who cannot think, are the same ones who drive by themself in their rarely used vehicle wearing a mask and gloves trying to not to breathe, which is obviously depriving much-needed oxygen to reach the rational part of the brain. The Drudge Report, which has converted from conservatism to communism, goes out of its way each day to profess a new hot spot or blow up in corona numbers. The only thing hot is the new cooked numbers. The thinkers know this. Those who rely on Joe Biden to think for them are still figuring out that if you leave the stove on it becomes hot.

In testimony in front of the Senate, Fauci basically said that we should all stay home and wear a spacesuit. He mentioned that the testing for remdesivir is moving along, which is good news for the good old friends over at Gilead Science who owns the patent. Nonpatent alternatives were not brought forward. Fauci is a Clinton shill, which makes sense, the Clinton Foundation has probably profited handsomely from money laundering the bribes for the patents and any other back-channel way to payoff investigators and politicians. Apparently he loved her Benghazi testimony--you know the one--where she diminished the protest at the compound saying, "it was because of guys who went for a walk in the park one night to kill some Americans. "

The Left is completely exposing their roadmap to victory, and it involves placing you and your family under house arrest until November 4. Fauci is the instrument to get the Dems to paydirt. This is not a public health issue, it is a defeating Trump issue.

The problem arises, in case anyone forgot, most of our Congress is bought and paid for vaccine manufacturers. This problem is not going to be solved here. Even Ted Cruz is beholden to the pharma gods. He is because his sibling(s) are doctors. I’m sure most doctors mean well, they want to help people. But when real science is discovered, the pharma gods have their toadies at the heads of all the major health institutions. They shut down real science on Mikovit's findings.

The big 4 pharmaceutical companies, Bill Gates, George Soros, they all want to keep this garbage alive. Huge money at stake--billions and billions of dollars as well as fulfilling delusional agendas. The only viable course of action is through the Courts. Maybe, Trump can appoint honest scientists to head these institutions, to force testing vaccine recipients for retroviruses, to test all vaccines. Does anyone here know they aren’t even required to test their vaccines for safety? They aren’t required to test for efficacy?

Then we have two major flaws in our lawbooks. The VAERS court, where a slush fund from taxes on the vaccines goes toward paying off the vaccine damaged and killed. This removes all civil liability from vaccine makers. They have no incentive, whatsoever to make sure their products are safe and even work.

Final Note and Unrelated, but whatever happened to the story of State Sen Linda Smith of Arkansas who was shot and killed in Arkansas. She was working with a DHS insider to expose the 27 million missing from DHS/ Child Protective Services. These funds are placed into trade and filtered back to the Clinton Foundation or owned shell companies belonging to the Clinton Foundation. The missing 27 million was discovered when it was revealed that the DCS in Arkansas had two separate books.