• Dylan Caufield

Take a knee, or take a stand--fans may have to decide in sports

Updated: Jun 27

Sports fans can be pathetic. We have this eternal, unyielding passion for our sports team. It is baked into our DNA. The ebbs and flows of the season are a microcosm of our life. Sports are supposed to be the ultimate neutralizer. There is a kindred spirit that a fan shares with the athletes that represent their favorite sports team. This same sensation is shared with their fellow fans. Fans will make huge allowances to an athlete's character as long as he can help his team win. Fans have routinely rubbed their neck, swilled a brew, and let transgressions go for the good of the team.

But 2020 has been a crazy year, and now sports fans may have reached there limit.

The deep state has served up its nastiest cancel cocktail. It consists of equals shots of patriotism, racism, Antifa, white privilege, and police brutality poured in a bucket glass --chased with a corona. It is sure to f you up. It will cause some to reach for the remote control and take a knee, and it will cause some to throw the remote control and take a stand. Sports derive most of their income from television revenue which is derived from advertising. It is blatantly obvious that the principals of professional sports are totally sucking up to their sponsors and bending the knee. It is not so obvious that the paying customers are willing to do likewise. Colin Kaepernick shunned some fans away a few years ago when he chose to bend the knee, and now he is back--and commissioner Roger Goodell and every owner are awkwardly bending their billionaire arthritic knee and displaying their best fake smile to welcome him back. Even Trump has curtailed his chaotic comments on Commie Kaepernick. He recently said that if he has the ability to play, then let him play. Trump refrained from any talk of taking a knee. If Trump takes a knee, then go to your bunker, we are done. Brett Favre just said that Kaepernick is a hero--similar to Pat Tillman. Deep state sponsors must have these guys drunk on saki and over a barrel of rice because there are even rumors that a season may not occur unless he is signed by a team. These are the same teams that said they did not want to sign him for the last three years. Sports are running parallel to politics in that everything is upside down.

The NBA, without question, jumps, when China says how high--and the NBA has been willingly and successfully delivering 360-degree aerial windmill dunks to the Orient. China represents 4 billion dollars to the NBA market. The fan base for basketball there is larger than here in the states. So when Trump had a trade war with China, the crowning NBA champs have routinely snubbed Orange 45's invite to the white privilege house. Furthermore, Nike is the enormous sponsor dishing out a tasty no-look pass that the league really likes. Nike generates enormous profits from Chinese slave labor, but hey look over here--they deliver the important optics--outfits all of the NBA teams, sponsors many of the top player's shoes, and most importantly, virtue signals all the right things about BLM. Finally, all the players have followed the censored credo, swallowed the constitution and not said a peep about Hong Kong protestors.

Major league baseball is in major league gridlock. The players and owners cannot agree on the format for a season. Reading between the foul lines sounds more like they cannot agree on the money or lack of it to play. Each side keeps throwing curveballs at each other and at last report, it appears that they have thrown a beanball to the fans and decided not to play. But is this their doing?

NASCAR--the last bastion of absolute patriotism in sports, with flag-waving, and that so offensive first amendment right to pray before every race, has even bent their red neck knee to the deep state. BLM now sponsors a car, driven by Bubba Wallace, condone kneeling during the national anthem is accepted, and confederate flags are prohibited at NASCAR events. By the way, Bubba Wallace is a terrible driver. He has not won any races. He has lost sponsors left and right. Two months ago during the video game NASCAR race (during quarantine) he got in a crash and lost his temper, lost his sponsor and his brand was destroyed. Now, like Kaepernick, he wants to become a martyr when his career is on the mend. So Bubba has taken part in noosegate. He said that a noose was placed in his garage. Fifteen FBI agents investigated the matter and found no intentional act of racism, saying that all the garages have a pull rope. Bubba Wallace has now become a wild "race card" and mouthpiece of doublespeak to drive division, which is the ultimate goal of all of these hoaxes. At first, Bubba went on Don Lemon's show spouting all of the racism bs, then changed his story as a hate crime victim after FBI investigation. However, the seed was already planted. The race-baiters run with the story. MSM has called him a hero, and corporates sponsors are bending the knee. The virtue signaling is over the top and disgusting. Stay tuned to see if the checkered pigments of the black victim and the white privilege flag will still be used to bring in the winner.

In conclusion, sports have now become willing participants in efforts to divide us. But why is it us versus us instead of us versus them? Social injustice is not to be ignored. Nobody condones it. But is rewriting history and financial extortion, at the expense of the first amendment and using the constitution as toilet paper, the proper method to advance the narrative? This not so subtle takeover and advancement of cancel culture have slammed their knee into the groin of the multi-billion dollar behemoth of sports. Take a knee or take a stand--which will it be, and who is it for?