• Dylan Caufield

Students who play fight

Updated: May 4

Play fighting is when students throw air punches at each other or pretend to knock the other kid out. Some call it lame. Some may call it grab ass, but hey, some students need to practice their thuggery and immaturity. Acting like an imbecile may or may not be natural for some students, either way, it does require practice and what better way than pretending to be Mike Tyson. I mean, if a punk if going to talk big why not act it out big. Students need to learn how to be more effectively and substantively fake in the twenty first century. The act of being fake is a reinforced skill, not just a vanity play of a body part. Consequently, play fighting is a form of play acting that will retard students emotional growth but will prepare them for many life skills that require some element of artificial and superficial BS. Job, marriage, in laws, family functions, and social gatherings are ripe with fakery. Mastering these situations may help one climb the social ladder or help one become self important. Being a pompous, shallow narcissist requires skill-- a skill they may have started with play fighting.

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