• Dylan Caufield

Snowflakes Will Be Forced Red Pills

I have now slipped on my snow boots to step through the avalanche of snowflakes that will soon be sliding down from that media mountain sinai. The election fraud evidence is starting to stockpile higher than Harris's heels. The shallow talking point cliches of "baseless claims" , "disinfo", "russia", and "liar", and all the other Biden BS is losing traction and the real evidence is starting to leak like a flat tire.

The high mountain of hypocrisy is going to be a mountainous climb for the libtards. Slimey Slawlwell has already shown his Asian colors. Pelosi knew about this and said nothing about it while he sat on the intelligence committee. Cuomo is already getting strangled with sexual harassment claims. There are whispers of many many more claims to come. This will be a Decmeber to remember.

What patriots need to remember is that the objective here is to expose the whole f'ing system, and you can see it the more this gets pushed into other arenas of the political bureaucracy. SCOTUS has basically said we do not want to decide the election. This, on the surface, sounds disappointing, but I think it is a huge headfake. It is too obvious that all three of his appointments on the SCOTUS voted against hearing the Texas case. It gives red meat to the MSM, but the real play is the electoral vote. Trump did say he would follow what the electorate voted, which means he knows that they will, either, not certify the votes in those controversial swing states, or, if they do certify them, they will knowingly committing a crime and therefore be arrested. This is going to be the play, one way or the other, it will be played through the electoral college. I am sure of it, and right now I am leaning to the latter--limited martial law on these swing states. Red Pills are going to be slammed down their throats. This will be coupled with a slow drip of declassified information that will undress the gangsters and provide political cover for flexing muscle which has historical precent. During the Civil War, Lincoln arrested many treasonous actors. He suspended habeas corpus throughout the war involving prisoners of war, spies, traitors, or any diseenting member of the military. He even arrested Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger B. Taney. Did you hear that Roberts?

Now to pull off martial law of this kind a president needs to have a couple of key assets. One, he better make sure that he has a faction of the military that is loyal and committed to the cause. Once he pardoned Flynn I felt assured that he has the right set of brass in his corner. And speaking of brass, number two, he will need a pair. He is going to be a huge target politically and the MSM will want the orange man led to the guillotine. But he will be doing the right thing. Trump needs a to have a pair of brass cajones to pull the trigger on the task. For the blue pillers it will appear tyranical. It will be ugly. The answer to 1984 is 1776 and revolutions are not aways pretty. The red pillers know that he has to do this. The Chinese corruption is so deep and dense, it has created a felonious realm of perception that is so dangerous that truth has now become conspiratorial. Report came out today that there are close to 2 million Chinese spies infiltrated around the world, including the US, UK, and Australia. They are embedded into every aspect of our culture, government ( at every level), military, intelligence, education, and business.

What is scary is that the brainwashed sheep seem not to care as long as orange man gone and dementia man in. Here are some of the absolute lunacy explanations that I am ready to hear--brace yourself.

"We had to cheat to kick that dictator Trump from office."

"Trump is harming our country. We cheated, but just a little bit."

"For the good of the order the CIA , FBI, NSA, etc. had to rig it against Trump"

"The Russians fixed this entire thing. We need to lock up Putin with Trump."

"We need to Bring Back Better and if that means bring in China to make things better, so be it"

"Those Trump supporters are so crazy, we need to put them down."

"Trump is a sore loser. he is a dictator., and he needs to be arrested"

"I don't care if Pedo Joe raped me or my daughter, Trump and Putin are homophobic lovers. He is evil and bad"

"I don't care if Quid Pro Joe used his son to money launder and take bribes from Ukraine and the Chinese government, Trump family are satanist."

"If Trump gives out the vaccine, it will kill me because I supported Biden."

"Obama and Big Mike did not cheat to get in or stay in the white house."

"Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper said that Trump is delusional, narcisstic (which means it's true) so he just needs to grow a pair".

"Biden and Harris won Time Magazine Persons of the Year so they must be good people and deserving." (Hitler was Time Magazine Man of the Year in 1938).

The TDS is going to be worse than anything that COVID could have been imagined. There has to be a reason that Trump signed an executive order granting Christmas Eve, December 24, a federal holday. Tomorrow the fan could be hit by it. We hall see. The military should be distributing mandatory red pills not a vaccine. The latter should be voluntary for a virus, that is real, but completely overhyped for political purposes.

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