• Dylan Caufield


So we are within a week of the election so I need to go on record what will happen---NOTHING. My sense tell me after that we are just living in one big Fucking PSYOP. This is Y2K times 20 times 20 again. The Fear Porn is way beyond triple x on both sides., but the spuge on the page is not sticking for me.

I mean the fake news left wants us to beat off to Russia! Russia! Russia! ---shouting that Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family is just being setup by the ruskies. They don't dispute the facts. They just don't like the fact that the info has been leaked. Fake news has now invited big tech to their army. The purge on youtube, twitter, and facebook is faster and greater than an anorexic lingerie model barfing out a McDonald's Big Mac.. These platforms are just an echo chamber to MSM--which is what Big Tech has now become.

However, patriots are showing tremendous resolve by going to other freedom info flowing platforms, such as parler, brighteon, stateofthenation, bitchute, sound cloud, zerohedge, citizenfreepress, thelibertydaily, and patreon. Not only that, the patriots have awoken, and just like a TSA agent checking out the DD's in airport security, they know what is real and what is fake. The sheep think that the fake news is the cream that rises to the top, that what you see and hear in MSM is gospel and absolute. The sheep only see the cream at the top of the glass professionally polished from MSM. The patriots do not fall for the foo foo. They want their whiskey neat and straight. The sheep only want to see the play with actors reciting their well reheared lines. The patriots want the backstage pass and want to really know how the actors act and the director manipulate the scenes. The sheep want to forget any real journalism, fact finding, or listening to real people, Don Lemon says so and that makes it final. They do not care if the protestors are paid. They hate Trump, and they have been told to hate Trump, but my prediction is that this brainwashing will have them seeing red. I see red all over the map on November 3rd and I see red from the libtard's veins bursting on November 4th.

The alternative right, which I tend to follow, but rarely succumb to, say they we are starting at a Red Dawn invasion. FEMA camp will be placed outside my house on November 4th with humvees cruising the streets loaded with uzis bellowing marching orders to the masses., saying "Come out of your house right now, grab your ankles", and a cruise missle laced with COVID, with that patented snarky Biden grin as a decal on the side, will be roketed right up my red Trump ass. I am armed to the teeth but I am being told that commies will come a knockin and lead me to the guillotine. Ater I am beheaded like one of King Henry VIII wives, then my wife and kids will be sent to concetration camps a la Auschwitz. Misery will bestow us all and the anti christ will beam out of the sky, fallen angels will be raping dragons, and Eddie Van Halen will rise from the dead playing Eruption and lead us out of the apocalypse. I don't think so.

I do think that the Deep State has tried smoking us out with wildfires, drowning us with hurricanes, so rumor has it that the next play is firing off a target nuke to trigger an earthquake. Collateral damage would be cataclysmic and the Deep State and MSM pray that one of the causalties is Orange 45. But all this is not going to happen. Trump is playing chess while they are playing checkers. He is five moves ahead of them. He is dancing at rallies and is showing no consternation of losing to the "Big Man."

So in essence the propaganda noise has just gotten too loud and crazy. Take off your mask, take a red pill, and take a deep, not deep state, breath, and let out a huge exhale of sheep smoke that you have been holding in since March. This has all the earmarkings of Y2k. I vividly remember Y2K, and how the earth was supposed to fall off its axis and nukes were going to come out of the ground and destroy all of humanity. We were supposed to party like 1999 and yet we were all tucked in our bed like Leave It too Beaver. Now, not to make light of it, a little over a year later we had 9/11, and we could have something deferred like that as well, but on November 3rd--Trump is going to win and win big.

The knockout blow is coming from the black vote, maybe that is what Biden meant by a dark winter. Now Q warned us of the ten days of darkness, so maybe that's it--idk. Recent polls have Trump at 45% of the black vote, which is unheard from a Republican. Rappers, who are tired of being exploited and cloned by the occultist, deep state underworld of hollyweird, have been red pilled and are endorsing Trump. But the Trump card of Trump cards will be played on Newsom and Pelosi. Trump has all kinds of dirt on these two chumps--money laundering and misapporopriation of public funds to start--and he is going to play it unless Newsom counts the vote fairly, meaning the golden state goes to a Republican for the first time since Reagan.

If we want to take a deep deep dive and go hard in the paint on a conspiracy Q angle, then we need to take one more look at these so called elites who are pedos, pervs, and traitors, and they are just playing out their treasonous script that has been handed them. They have body doubles, deep fakes, and CGI to prolong their fake existence until a well timed exit will be executed. I believe Biden is on that list. The Deep State knows that he is so compromised. Everything they were trying to paint on Trump, and more, is really Biden. He is the traitor, the crook, the dysfunctional perv that has sold us out. The Deep State made him and his family extremely wealthy and now the Deep State wants something in return. They could easily write him out of the script. But I think Trump has created his own syndicate of power, the coalition of the people, and they have truly awakened, and it too loud, and that has thwarted their punch.

Call me a dreamer or call me a cynic citizen, but 45 will deliver a red dawn invasion with a 45 caliber impact. Trump Train 2020