• Dylan Caufield


Updated: Oct 27


So an illuminating 33 days before the election the Trumpster test positive for COVID. On a full moon, a harvest moon-- 45 has tested positive for COVID. I have heard that there are four assassination plots on the president. COVID could be one of the plots..going to the hospital could be the other,,..that concerns me a bit, but it also might be his safest place. Experimental drugs are being administered on him, but are they really being used on him? Q warned us of the ten days of darkness...is this it? And who is the darkness falling on? Trump, or any of the treasonous Spygate scumbags...you have not heard a Halloween boo from any of them except a taped testimony from Comey, and who knows when that was taken. Like RBG...when did she really go down? Look up democide and Rummel sentence and you will know what I mean.

So Trump hs to play Biden and go in the basement for 14 days. Is this a ruse to avoid debates? Maybe..--Biden wouldn't be disappointed. This could be a PSYOP--getting close to the election, weird shit happens, rumors of our spies taking out foreign spies, which may lead to some hairy retaliation shit back home, thus getting COVID provides the perfect cover for POTUS and FLOTUS to be in lockdown. However, the not so orange and showing more gray 45 has started to look a bit run down so it is very legit that he tested positive, but the timing--I always scratch my ass about the timing of these stories.

Here is the first theory, and every minute this story evolves, it certainly appears to be a fact. We are in the midst of a SCOTUS selection process and we have faced the impossibility that three Republican Senators have simultaneously contracted COVID and no Democratic Senators are infected and neither are members of Congress. The coincidences are adding up faster than the dead bodies of veterans at the VA under Obama. 

What also feeds into this intentional conspiracy is that the officials for the City of Cleveland said 11 cases of the Wuhan coronavirus could be traced back here, so call me a conspiracy nut if you want, and that doesn't mean I am wrong, if the virus is traced to Cleveland, then why only WH staff got the virus and not Joe's staff? Could be it possible the virus purposely inflicted on WH staff? Trump has been out and about for months on end ... and he gets COVID, now, a month away from the elections? Again, I am still scratching my ass over the timing. Remember what Chucky said? Nothing is off the table.

Could this also be a TET offensive of terrorism in order to start a civil war or a war with China and/or Russia.? Is there a remote-controlled asteroid that the superpowers have that could hit the earth? These sounds literally out of this world, but this is 2020. What sounds very grounded is a potential Deep-State coup against the president. This is the beginning of the October surprise. The closer we get to the election the more chaotic they will try to make it. So is this all scripted WWF politics run by the pedos? Sometimes it feels like it. The BS is just getting too deep.

Could this just be the flu? We are entering a new season for influenza. Is there going to be a hocus-pocus, no more cases of flu, but a rise in COVID? Also, Trump is a germaphobe, and he probably has everything washed all of the time. Someone could have coughed in his mask or sprayed with COVID 19. Or maybe some surface that he frequently touches could have been contaminated with it. Back to the mask, you see, when people are concerned they become much more aware of what they touch, whom they touch, but they don't really think about what their mask touches. That thing is on the face for hours. If it's picked up some kind of pathogen along the way, then you're getting it and inhaling it. There's no way that pathogen doesn't get sucked right down your lungs.

Some say the Trumpster is being dished the Karma card, for payback is a Pelosi, I mean a bitch for not wearing a mask all of the time, like all the phonies who wear it for a photo op then tear it off when the camera goes. Siddhartha (Buddha) taught that we will all have good and bad in our lives ... and the trick is to treat both of them equally (easier said than done). COVID is just part of the yin and yang of life. Libtards say he has been reckless for holding large rallies, and again, payback is a Kamala, I mean biage. So what about Spygate and the entre Russia hoax? Is Trump holding the Karma card on that? You can run away from Karma, but in the end, she always catches you.

Then there is the deflect the blame game that Dems are masters of--mainly because they have a complicit MSM. For instance, those two dildos: Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon have exclusively focused on the COVID betrayal by President Trump, as evidenced by his interviews with Bob Woodward for his book, "Rage". They are desperately trying to blame this whole mess on President Trump, but never once mentioned the 5 Democrat governors, including Cuomo's brother, who mandated that COVID patients be sent to nursing homes. Understaffed and in some cases, untrained staff from minority and refugee communities where there are also high rates of infection. Almost 70% of the deaths in the state of PA, are from the nursing home staff and residents. 40% of the deaths nationwide are in long term care because of these idiotic governors who didn't want to work with the Trump health officials and formed their own coalition. Governor Cuomo in NY, had the US Navy ship to use for COVID patients and because President Trump sent it, Cuomo never used it. The TDS is so severe. 25% of the 200K deaths in the US are from two states, NY and NJ, and most of the deaths in the daily numbers count in PA, are mostly affiliated with long term care facilities. But, we know that is Trump's fault, in the twisted reasoning of leftists like Cuomo and Lemon on CNN the 24/7 Hate Trump Network that too many uninformed people watch. Migraines and stress automatically lock both my fist and trigger only my middle finger from both fists to immediately salute my television when these two clowns appear on the screen.

In short, America, you are being scammed and we are witnessed not only a plot to assassinate the President but a simultaneous, improbable plot to derail the SCOTUS process that would solidify the conservative hold on the Supreme Court. At the end of the day, the Democrats cannot take back that the first 24 high-level officials, including three Republican Senators, that have been infected by COVID, were all Republicans, no Democrats.

How many coincidences does it take, America, until you arrive at the conclusion that conspiracies do exist?


On a different front, the new 9/11 Judge at Guantánamo Quits After Two Weeks  (See:  NPR  10/2/20)

Keane was the fourth permanent judge to have overseen the 9/11 case in roughly the past two years.


Col. Stephen F. Keane was assigned to the case on Sept. 17, and on Oct. 2 he recused himself, citing a series of potential conflicts that could make him appear biased. 

"Since being assigned to the 9/11 case, "I have become aware of a significant personal connection to persons who were directly affected by the events of 9/11."

His predecessor, Air Force Col. W. Shane Cohen, resigned abruptly in March after nine months on the bench, citing family concerns.

Keep an eye on Congress and the Senate. They will leave too if something is up.