• Dylan Caufield


Updated: May 4

Socialism is so the answer. Every April 15 I realize I do not pay enough taxes and I should be paying more for the disenfranchised and disadvanataged and the drug addicts that have it way more difficult than me. It will give me more warm fuzzies inside when I help those who do not want to work. I will be so motivated to work harder beause I will be helping the greater good. It would be evil and selfish of me to keep the money I earn. The smile on my face will require some kind of reverse botox to remove because of the eternal elation of redistributing my income to those who have been screwed over by the unfair system. The endorphin rush of helping underprivileged people have cleaner needles for their heroine, more variety in their vaping pens, and more antidepressants and pain pills to pop. Everybody's self esteem will be raised because there will be no poverty. The bottom line is that I will feel better, because every dollar I have been making has been taking a dollar out of someone else's pocket, and that has been the reason for the homeless. Thank God, I mean thank you government.

#peace #UnitedNations #America

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