• Dylan Caufield

Obama: All He Needs is a Softball and a Mask

Updated: May 22

In sports, there are many occasions where a player is on the trading block and in order to fetch the best price for their prospect the manager would be ordered by management to showcase their player in the best light possible and/or to suppress any potentially damaging situations that could hinder his trading value.

Obama has implemented the same strategy to counter the accusations of Obamagate. During his presidency, he bragged that all he needed for his executive orders was a phone and a pen to get what he wanted. Now, he has a complicit media to toss him softballs while they wear a mask. A softball and a mask--that is all Obama needs to advance or suppress the Obamagate narrative in the right, I mean, left direction. And not a catcher's mask, but one of those WHO communist COVID 19 mask, manufactured and shipped from China right to the doorstep of every MSM puppet reporter with a sticky note: "I will keep leaking if you keep lying." This PPE from BHO provides the necessary wink-wink nod-nod to toss nice floating softballs. In fact, Obama has not even faced a direct question from a reporter. And if it is ever done-- softball questions will be lobbed in the gunrunner's direction and his eloquent communist charisma will hit it like his namesake, Barry Bonds, out of the park. The mask given to the media has currently helped on two fronts--working as a gag to suppress MSM's always running Russian collusion mouth from mentioning anything remotely incriminating about Obamagate. And in their version of softball, they are to perform the reciprocal, throw fastballs at the head of their naysayers. This magic cloth around their mouth has also stopped any unplanned hyperventilating of any possible indictments of any crime on the chosen one. We saw similar actions by the hosts of The View when they gleefully read a leaked news story about the possible removal of Trump. We have not heard anything close from MSM, such as the names of those requesting the unmasking. As one former NFL coach infamously said in his postgame press conference, we have not heard "diddly pooh." But now the magic cloth around their pie holes needs to be removed. Never has the absence of cloth been as welcome as it is in a strip bar because the only thing we hear is crickets. The media were alive on 45, but they were and still are a snore on 44.

"The most transparent administration in history" was a fervent campaign promise from Michael's husband and we all thought it meant we would hear any and everything, whether we wanted to hear it or not, about the prez and all his minions--kind of like, wait, what we have endured with Trump. But we did not get that. The Kenyan's interpretation of transparency meant that the IRS would be unleashed on any dissenters of the Muslim. Transparency did not mean full disclosure of his academic records and his birth certificate, but it did mean a sophisticated, exhaustive espionage network with high tech surveillance justified by shady FISA court warrants that would be used to spy on everybody, particularly those who had any influence on public policy. We can conclude that this means members of the media, as well as those in his own party and of course those across the aisle. Let's not overlook supreme court justices. Celebrities and entertainers were not immune from the eye of Obama. Like the present day, it is 2020 hindsight to see that a lot of resignations were made or elections were not sought because of some dirt drummed by the previous unpatriotic one. No lapel pin of the flag was needed or hand on the bible required for the Saudi King bower to operate his transparency. He manufactured evidence--he did not look for evidence. World leaders, world organizations with the help of an aggressive intelligence network--Obama had the goods on everybody. Playing golf, frequent trips to Hawaii--I mean Joan Rivers's favorite couple lived the good life in the white house because they had leverage on everybody.

1984 is 2020 with all of the applications in place to track us. The pandemic has provided a perfect welcome mat to the general public for all these high tech devices to perform superhuman functions with relative ease. It would be completely remiss to think that these mechanisms were absent from the former community organizer. Don't you find it amusing that the tan suit wearer was so reluctant to endorse Sleepy Pedo Joe. They did an excellent job of keeping him at more than arms distance from Hussein--in fact, it explains all his time spent with his son in Ukraine. Bath House Bary knew that MeToo was not going to look to highly on this matter so he kept Joe in the basement. But the mask on the media is working at keeping MeToo silent. Nevertheless, the Big O is scared, and all those who get an O at the sight and sound of the infallible one should be wary of his ambitions. The first half negro-half white president knows that Trump knows everything, and it is not the scandal-free Disney production portrayed for eight years on MSM. Benghazi, Spygate, Fast and Furious are just a few that got some noise, some questioning, and some yelling from congress, but a the end of the day it was empty rhetoric that went nowhere--ask Trey Gowdy.

Finally, aside from the softball and the mask to deflect Obamagate, the Race Divider has used his dark pigment as a weapon in the past and is not scared to use it at any time. He has always known that it is the perfect bulletproof vest for unfair criticism. When all else fails, play the R card--it is the ultimate of Ace of Spades in the beltway. If you are intellectually defeated in an argument, then it is always permissible to lay that puppy down, and if one tries to counter the claim it just reinforces the race card play. What a beautiful, twisted piece of rhetoric. And when you have a dumb down generation of pot-smoking, opioid addicted, got a free iPhone, idiots, then the sales pitch is that much easier.

The smooth one figured that last part really well. America loves a guy who can really deliver the snake oil. If it sounds good it has gotta be good. Us Americans can be a complex lot. We chastise the con man but we love it when it is done so well. Media with their softballs and mask help serve up his dish. Sell it--everybody else writes it up--but his job was and is to sell it. Nobody ever read Obamacare just like nobody read any of the stimulus bills. It's all written by the lobbyist, sold by the politicians. The politicians receive a commission on how well they sell it, and the lobbyist gets a commission on how much pork they can stuff into it. Obama could sell it, and he is still doing it, and the sheep are still scooping up his droppings.

So, where does that leave the people looking for justice? We need to sell it as well. We need to expose and not relent. We need to take off our mask and throw fastballs back at the resistance.

Remember, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to sit idly by and do nothing.