• Dylan Caufield

Notes from the Basement

BREAKING--updated scum list revealed from Maxwell-Epstein case

Things are about to get weird. I can feel it. I have been doing the Biden thing, hanging in the basement taking everything in and doing a lot of research, and slowly watching the Great Awakening take shape. Even Trump made a public comment (August 6th) of going dark, and his message was rather dark, saying the understatement of the century... "I have a lot of enemies out there. This may be the last time you see me in a while." So what does this mean?

It means many things, first and foremost is the snub at Big Pharma. Big Pharma has evolved into a behemoth in the D.C. beltway. It extorts both sides of the aisle in special interest. And China has benefitted handsomely from our prescription drug dependency that is manufactured in their country. So The Donald let them know who is the Godfather and who will be dictating policy. Trump signed an executive order preventing Big Pharma from charging one price for a drug in a foreign country, say $3, then charging an exorbitant price in the United States, like $400, for the same drug. This huge profit is being passed onto insurance companies and the medical establishment.

Also, today there were two FBI raids. One in Miami and one in Ohio. These raids are directly linked to the Ukrainian corruption that caused at least $6 billion in US taxpayer money sent to Ukraine to disappear. The two offices that were raided were involved in a massive amount of money laundering. This is money laundering during Obama and is part of Obamagate. Hillary has to testify sometime in September. It looks as if Trump is prepared to pull the grenade. It is now in the air and coming towards the Deep State, which could be explosive. Trump left the White House on August 6th with a slew of staff outside to watch him. He is now at his Bedminister resort in New Jersey. Will, he ever return? Yikes

The next faction that hates Trump stems from the incredible sound of silence..the one that is deafening to everybody that is awakening to The Great Awakening and a major part of this awakening is Pedogate. This seems to have a major tie in with Jeffry Epstein and now Ghislaine Maxwell. This web is so deep, dark, and dangerous--parallel ingredients to the Deep State itself. Its tentacles are long, strong, and cancerous to everything it touches. It’s a hydra of a scandal, in which each sliver of reporting resolves one question only to raise two or three unnerving inquiries, thus it keeps growing heads. Yet all these heads seem to center around one evil component: power. So before we try to tie up some loose ends let's examine some appetizing bread crumbs that MSM has blatantly ignored.

  • MIT has admitted several it received millions in donations from Jeffrey Epstein. They were receiving money as recent as 2017, right up to his arrest. The director of the vaunted MIT Media Lab, Joichi Ito, resigned after the New Yorker reported he accepted more money from Epstein than he disclosed and that he had concealed the donations from both the university and the public. Ito was very influential in AI and transhumanism. Epstein said that he wanted to spread his DNA to everybody. Was Ito a spy? Was Epstein used to expose this? Was Epstein laundering money and for who?

  • Gates, Musk, and Krauss and many in high tech had associations with Epstein. It is difficult to believe that so many men — who society declared to be among the most brilliant minds on the planet — could all take Epstein’s money, travel with him, share long conversations with him, and not see that there was something going on behind the scenes. Whatever the reason for their association with him, the problem is that the proximity and connection of so many well regarded scientists to Epstein leant him an aura of legitimacy. Was Epstein a double agent acting in the interest of the globalist or the United States? Was he a black market banker for nefarious research, weaponized vaccines, etc.? Or was he a spy, a black market banker, to help the U.S. trace the money and source of these actions?

  • Hollywood has been absolutely silent about anything and everything related to pedogate. Rumor is that many would be blacklisted if they admitted that they have awoken, become red pilled, and revealed anything. Rumor has it that Weinstein rolled over, became a sheep, coughed up names.

  • CNN, FOX and all of MSM must have been told to stay silent about names. In the alt media, many know about Ellen Degeneres, Tom Hanks, and Oprah Winfrey. Where are they now? Media footage of them is taped or could be used with computer graphic imaging or do I dare say cloning.

  • Appears that Ellen is taking the hardest hit. Hollywood is willing to have her absorb the most distraction. The focus is on what a cold mean bitch and c%%t she was to her staff. Apparently if you did not comply with orgies, sexual escapades, then you got fired. Ellen created a bunch of willing sycophants. Many comedians off the record say she sucked at stand up comedy in the early part of her career, but she failed herself up the latter, which is how it works in Hollyweird and looks like DC and many other parts of the world. In other words, partake in the sicko satanic pedo game and you will become a star, but you better not get caught and you better stay on script.

  • Howie Mandel--created his own shoe bag? Tik Tok videos suggest he is held captive but later he says that he is not being held captive. "I'm fine," the comedian emphasized over a phone call with BuzzFeed News. He is, however, confused as to why he has to reassure everyone of his safety.

  • Harvey Weinstein was protected by Mossad while the rapist kingpin of Hollywood. Jeffrey Epstein has been connected to Mossad. Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Robert, was a known Mossad agent and he was found drowned in a swimming pool in 1991. How far did the alliance of Epstein and Weinstein go? And did Weinstein get eaten by his own? He was thrown to the wolves because he knew too much and was probably allowing accusers to speak out. The Obama’s, who are no strangers to Epstein, defended Weinstein up until 2017 (research Michelle or its Michael video on Weinstein)--maybe it is because their daughter had an internship with Harvey Weinstein.

  • Search for Lady Gaga coming out of Astral Lights cloning center and tell me that she is not full of MK Ultra or a clone.

  • There are people (including innocent children) that are being molested, raped, tortured, and killed at the cloning centers. These cloning centers are located in Deep Underground Military Bases. For example, Area 51 (which is located in Lincoln County, Nevada), Dulce Base (which is located in Dulce, New Mexico) and Montauk Base (which is located in Montauk, New York). Many of these bases have a cloning floor and that cloning floor is called a cloning center. Some cloning centers are above ground though. There’s an above ground cloning center somewhere in western Canada (possibly at Thirsty Lake), which Queen Elizabeth owns. She knows where the cloning center in Canada is and so does the former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. Queen Elizabeth, Vladimir Putin, and high-up Chinese people pretty much RUN the cloning centers. In addition, Kevin Sullivan (ex-pro wrestler) is a rich, satanic cloner with a lot of pull with the Illuminati. When we talk about alien life, are we talking about clones?

  • Oprah went to pedo island. She knew Epstein. She knew John of God--look him up. This creep claimed to be a miracle curer but his main claim is tying women up impregnating them and selling off baby parts and the miracle drug--adrenochrome. Oprah knows Peter Nygard, who is the Canadian version of Jeffrey Epstein.

  • Brittney Spears is a mess, MK Ultra, a clone, etc.

  • Ariana Grande has been a sex slave in Hollywood for years and recruited girls

  • Steve Bing, billionaire, a friend of Bill Clinton, producer of Polar Express, married to Elizabeth Hurley and had a kid that he never saw committed suicide in 2020. Bill left a very standardized, not very authentic, tweet, probably written by someone else, the day this happened.

  • In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton claimed to win the popular vote, but the New York Times reported that 4.4 million Obama voters stayed home in 2016 percent--this is a head-scratcher because Hillary received about the same number of votes as Obama in 2012. It’s not who cast the votes, but who counts them that will win. Right now we have the government counting COVID infections and deaths, and we want them to tabulate the election.

  • In retrospect, in the Democrat primary in 2016 and 2020-- Bernie Sanders clearly won the primary vote based on people you talk to and the eyeball test, but the Democrats chose Hillary and Biden respectively. Corruption anyone?

  • JP Morgan and Chase managed at least 10 million dollars for Ghislaine Maxwell. The government has now taken over these banks, which have been suppressors of the price of silver, which may explain why silver has recently gone up.

  • It is well documented that the Federal Reserve, the Crown, and the Vatican are the three cornerstones of banking, finance, and money manipulation in the world. The Federal Reserve prints dollars that everybody accepts as the default currency and charges interest because this is so. Create a crisis, create a need to print money, and voila more interest and money for banks. The Crown controls all kinds of international banking laws and thus controls the global financial system. The Vatican is its own city-state, has its own banking system, and is a well-known place to launder money. The Vatican also is the perfect place to hide confidentiality. It also makes billions in tax indulgences-- Popes have actually sold tickets to get to heaven. They also harvest souls in Asia. Together these three cities have secret societies placed globally with their own so that no one contests their global plan, and if they do, then an assassination plan is put in place. Hint--rumor has it that there have been 55 assassination attempts on President Trump. Also, it is very well known that major bankers worldwide were affiliated with Epstein.

  • CONCLUSION: Epstein had so much dirt, deep deep dirt, on so many powerful people. This blackmail of info has obviously been distributed--no sold--to other intelligence agencies throughout the world. Apparently in the 1980’s he used to tell people that he worked for the CIA or that he used to help the federal government find illegal money. Epstein, a sick twisted perv, had a lot of valuable resources that our government and many others wanted. It’s a powerful game of pedo poker, but it takes away the focus of the real story that POWERFUL INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES HAVE BEEN USING KIDS AS SEX SLAVES TO MANIPULATE OUR SOCIETY VIA BLACKMAIL. How is this not the main story? How are people more interested in Epstein, Maxwell, Clinton, Dershowitz, Prince Andrew etc than in this earth-shattering revelation?

  • Here is the updated scum list unsealed from the Maxwell-Epstein case.

Other tidbits in the news: Trump wants to ban Tik Tok and today he said something about Tencent, which handles the financial transaction of many of the prominent video games. Trump says that these companies are stealing secrets via these apps, but hey, it’s also going to open the door for western oligarchs, like Facebook, to come in and do more data mining with their Tik Tok like app called Reelz--wait and see.

Humanity’s struggle right now is a battle between desire and fear. We all want a much better world than the one we’ve got, but we’re being paralyzed by fear via propaganda by a power establishment that is built on the status quo. Just push for what you want, humans. You can have the feeling that you totally know what’s true or you can have a humble devotion to trying to learn the truth as best you can from moment to moment. You can’t have both. Again, truth is learned, not told.

P.S. My gut tells me something is up. There is a lot on Trump’s plate. That soulless thing known as Hitlery Cliton is due to testify in about 30 days. The closer we get the more of the unexpected I expect. And with that satanic cunt, anything, and I mean, anything is on the table.