• Dylan Caufield

Mask—next are blindfolds?

Updated: May 22

Mask cover our mouths to filter bad pathogens. Are they also a symbol for us to shut up? What’s next blindfolds? People are beyond the head scratching but are practicing civil disobedience in protest. The numbers do not add up to the panic porn and it appears that there is a nefarious faction that wants this thing to persist. I say thing because it is beyond the Coronavirus. Hospitals are practically empty and there are many counties that have little to no effects from Coronavirus yet still are in shelter in place. Is it for national security? Is it for space force and 5G? Is it to incrementally take down the economy? Ben Carson, member of Trumps cabinet, believes so. Watched some news outlets yesterday and there were some who are optimistic and some are pessimistic, and some of these pessimistic news feeds were kind of quietly upset that the unemployment numbers were not quite as bad as forecasted.

If the economic numbers don’t match the wanted fear or hopeful demise, then will shelter in place just stay locked in just a little bit longer until the appropriate level of calamity is obtained? I keep saying, and I believe, that this game with continue to play until November. Depending who takes the presidential reigns may change this narrative.

I anticipate this (not hoping at all) before they get worse. We need people to work otherwise there will not be any money in the treasury to meet the people’s basic needs. Those of you with pensions and government paychecks need everybody to be working to fund this big engine called the USA.

And who are “they”? Where are “they”? Where did “they” come from? Why are “they” making efforts to disrupt the economy, like food supply? Is water next? Are “they” trying to divide us, on purpose? These questions do not have self evident answers but we know who the mouthpieces are.

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