• Dylan Caufield

Kobe and Corona

Updated: May 8

This is an update to an earlier post of which I wrote about the strange coincidence of Kobe Bryant and the coronavirus. It’s as strange as the corona virus itself

Remember, this entire post created from me being cooped up in my house because of the coronavirus you tend to read and write about it--a lot. What further perpetuates this phenomenon is that there are ZERO sports to watch, and for sports enthusiasts, late March is typically a crazy intersection of college basketball with march madness, NBA season is heating up before their playoffs, MLB season openers are full of tradition and pageantry, and the NFL draft allows fans to vicariously feel like a team owner with fist pumps of joy and grimaces of disappointment--much like a coronavirus shopper at Walmart. Which brings me to Kobe Bryant--who died in a tragic helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. The coronavirus had been circulating as a story, but it was still low volume noise compared to impeachment, trial witnesses, and all that bs. Nevertheless, the origin of this very contagious virus was being bantered about. One of them was that it came from snakes, like a mamba in China. Kobe Bryant was nicknamed the black mamba. To finish off this coincidental conspiracy we must remember that the Jews are always blamed for every kind unexplainable misfortune. So that being said, go to google, and enter the word KOBE, have it translated into Hebrew, then copy and paste it back into google and have it translated back to English--and it will say COVID. So was the helicopter accident a deep, covert MOSSAD operation to alert the spy world that a dealy, venomous, serpent-like coronavirus had officially come to America. Or was it a

message from any number of deep staters that Kobe knew too much or was about too say too much?

Wow, do I have too much time on my hands. Well, here is a follow up to this too much time on my hand disease. Here are some person, place, and things connected directly or indirectly to Kobe that I will throw out there--connect the dots as you wish--google as you like--draw your own corona conclusions.


Kobe wrote some children's books, which on the surface always sounds like a benevolent and selfless act. However, the books are loaded with all types of occult symbolism. Paul Coehlo was working on another book with Kobe Kobe, but when Kobe died he deleted the draft and chose not to talk about it. Black Mamba was his alter ego, designed to separate the Kobe on and off the court. Kobe created "The Kobe Bryant China Fund" to raise money for education in sports in the country of China. Kobe said that China was his home away from home. It is no secret that Nike is a large sponsor of the NBA and huge benefactors of Chinese labor to manufacture their whoosh products. The NBA is a 4 billion dollar enterprise in China.

Jeff Steibel, sure it is a coincidence but looks like Charles Manson when he had a beard, is a brain scientist and silicon valley entrepreneur and a venture capital investor with Kobe Bryant in Bryant Steibel. Steibel heavily invested in transhumanism, connecting mind and machine. In Steibel's Instagram post he laments about Kobe not being here for lays ahead. Stebel introduced Kobe to another silicon valley company, VIPKIDS, headed by Cindy Mi. VIPKIDS is an online educational technology company that connects students in China with teachers in the United States. Bryant Stibel invested heavily in this company. On the board of VIPKIDS is Wendy Deng. Wendy Deng, formerly married to Rupert Murdoch of Fox News, divorced in 2013. After the divorce, Murdoch severed ties with China and his venture in the Chinese television market. Deng and Murdoch met in 1997 when she was plucked from Hong Kong to act as a translator to aid in the billionaire’s Chinese ambitions. At the time, she was working for Star TV. Deng is also rumored to have affairs with Tony Blair and Eric Schmidt and Vladamir Putin and who knows who else--wow. Wtf did she know? Wtf did Kobe know that he shouldn't know? China has been seriously connected to using education as a way to spy on other countries.

Counterintelligence people apparently warned Jared Kushner and her wife and daughter to the president, Ivanka Trump, of their dangerous association with Wendy Deng. They were told to sever ties. Was Wendy Deng a double agent?

Kobe Bryant's financial relationship with China went even further. He a developed a bromance with Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. Kobe signed a huge contract in 2015 with Alibaba to sell branded products. Wendy Deng and Rupert Murdock were known to stay in Jack Ma's lodge in the Adirondacks. In 2019, Kobe became an invested and branding ambassador in FUN88, an Asian betting operator. (typically beating operations are backed by some muscle somewhere if something went sideways--also conduits in the underworld make for strange bedfellows in the world of politics)

Kobe Bryant and George Soros..now that is a scary name to have next to yours in the same sentence. The association starts with Steve Nash, a former teammate on the Lakers with Kobe, who attended a bar mitzvah of the son Jeffrey Feinberg in 2013, a former executive at Soros Fund Management. Now there is an author named Steve Nash who has 42 books on Goodreads of which several are about the occult and Illuminati. So was this providing plausible cover for Kobe going with Steve Nash to this party? What did Kobe learn about Soros and Soros Fund Management? Before Kobe's death, he was getting ready to testify about Soros and the connection to the deep state.

Enter Joe Lewis, not the boxer, but another slimeball billionaire currency speculator like Soros. He and Soros teamed up on what is known as Black Wednesday, the day they made a fortune out of crashing the silver market and forcing the Brits to withdraw the pound from the European Exchange. Joe Lewis is the main investor of Tavistock which owns a portfolio of business spider-webbed into all kinds of Illuminati stuff. It operates offshore in the Bahamas to escape all kinds of money laundering and banking regulations. Billions are used from his enterprises to finance all kinds of nefarious, criminal agendas, such as psychological torture or social mind control programs. They have come up with brain reading, mind control software for the internet. They have been invested in the entertainment and rap music industry's form of mind control. Kobe Bryant had a brief stint with rap music.

John Kapoor, a rig billionaire big pharma Asian Indian scumbag, owner of Insys Therapeutics and majority shareholder in Akorn, has ties into Kobe. Akorn purchased in 2013, Hi-Tec Pharmaceuticals, who bribed doctors and pharmacists to overprescribe a highly addictive opioid to American patients at the same time Kobe Bryant was suing him for suing for him copyright infringement by branding these opioids "The Black Mamba." Three days before Kobe's death, Kapoor was sentenced for 5.5 years for racketeering.

There is a lot of speculation and missing dots, but there are also a lot of coincidences. I am typing this wearing a Kobe Bryant hoodie--a big fan of his as well as that of the Lakers. Not sure what to believe, but the facts are Kobe was associated with some very powerful and he probably knew some very provocative and confidential information. All I know is that if you piss off some communist Asians, people in the underworld which includes the intelligence world, factor in big pharma and some evil jews ( I don't hate jews), then you have a recipe for a conspiracy.