• Dylan Caufield

Joe Biden is Now the Expert on Coronavirus

Updated: May 22

So in 2010 during the swine flu (H1N1 virus) hit there were 47 million Americans infected and 11,000 deaths but everybody was like chill with it because the eloquent speaking half negro said it was all good. No travel ban was put into effect and over 1000 deaths in the U.S. occurred before the husband of Michael Obama inserted any substantive measures to address the crisis. Now the orange predecessor with a comb over has a bull horn of hysteria that makes the Russia hoax seem like a sandbox fight. No matter how much money he dedicates to the corona virus the husband of the hottest First Lady who can speak six languages is to blame. If Dementia Joe was president this pandemic would disappear—and if he does become president and this subsides—then we know that this is a manufactured Deep State China scam.

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