• Dylan Caufield

Joe Biden is a placeholder to the coup

When statues fall people follow then countries.

Last summer Joe Biden was the laughing stock in the democratic debates. It was as plain as the mask on your face that the guy could not walk and chew gum. Biden was tanking faster than the Titanic in the polls. There was serious talk, not if, but when, he would drop out of the race. I mean he was embarrassing (and still is). Then, fake news and the democratic party pulled the mask over our eyes and began the hocus pocus. On Super Tuesday Biden all of a sudden took the lead in the delegate count over Bernie and the rhetoric suddenly shifted--Quid Pro Joe was the only serious candidate to defeat Trump in November 2020. This is when the idea of the cynic citizen was born. Not a Bernie bros or a Democratic supporter but I became completely positive, not some false positive or asymptomatic positive, but as positive as the 45 on my belt that the scam was in. The scam has now evolved into a coup. Biden is a propped-up place holder until the UN moves in with global forces to take over our republic. Biden has shown that he can take a knee. He has also passed the preliminary dog training of wearing a mask--that's all the Deep State wants of their candidate. Why waste any talent or young intellectual flesh on someone that may resist or question the motives.

Joe Biden isn’t Vladimir Lenin. Biden is Alexander Kerensky, the Russian politician who served as the vessel for the revolutionaries to overthrow the old guard in 1917 and then, once he had proven himself useful toward that end, was shuffled aside so the real power could assume control. This is what is happening now. The Deep State has put Joe in the basement, put a mask over his face, told him not to talk until directed, then unleashed a tsunami of fake news on Trump to wag the dog and brainwash the electorate to overlook Obmamagate, believe that Trump is a traitor, that riots and protest are Trump's fault because he is white and supports cops, and as a result, the dizzying disinformation morphs the base into sheep to join Joe in the basement. While in the basement with Joe they just pick a bag of popcorn and watch the violence and cancel culture unfold, thinking that this is all okay because Trump is bad, not knowing that these are steps to a revolution (check earlier post of the steps to a Communist Revolution). The arrest of Maxwell will help the cause. Name drops of scum from both parties that participated in Epstein charades will be a helpful diversion for the coup to advance their agenda while the commoners feast on the gossip. (Today, I read on Snopes that Schiff received 256 emails from Epstein, so it has just begun. Also, look up Peter Bing, huge Clinton supporter was found "suicided:). Also, the pandemic destabilizes the economy and provides perfect cover as well as plenty of fear so that the people are motionless, emotional, and perfectly complicit to the coup.

This playbook was written long ago. If you think that Bernie Sanders or Susan Rice or Hillary Clinton are smart enough to dream up a plan for taking down the greatest society the world has ever known, you are out of touch with reality. The only way they could have been as effective as they have so far is to follow somebody else’s plan. Which they are doing. The reason you believe a Marxist revolution on these shores is far-fetched is that your faith in America’s institutions makes you believe the loss of your freedom and prosperity are impossible. That confidence isn’t a flaw in your character. On the contrary, it’s a sign of your patriotism. But this moment makes that confidence is being challenged and it appears obsolete.

Joe Biden is telling you that if he wins in November he will “transform” America. He’s telling you that he will institute massive, crushing tax increases. He’s talking about getting the Post Office into the banking business (not just putting the Post Office in charge of ballot security, banking as well), while his fellow Democrats are talking about creating a cashless society — the combination of which will effectively eliminate private finance and the cash economy, meaning no escape from the tender mercies of the IRS and government regulators who will then be able to audit and analyze all of your financial transactions. Joe Biden is up to his false teeth in China money, so you need to see what they are doing. China has a social credit scoring system that will merge with government banking and the elimination of cash. The frightening promises Biden is making to the Hard Left in this country while he vets anti-American loons like Tammy Duckworth — who openly discusses the defenestration of George Washington and calls Abraham Lincoln and Jackie Robinson “dead traitors” because Trump praised them at Mount Rushmore, then pretends to be insulted when people rightly call that the offensive idiocy that it is — as his vice-presidential choices, show that he is the Left’s puppet. Biden jumped in to defend Duckworth after her insane ranting, in case you missed it; in any other time in American history, a presidential candidate would have dumped her as a potential VP the minute she came out against George Washington.

You shouldn’t believe the polls that show Biden with such huge leads. But the reason those polls are delivering the numbers they do should make you concerned. Those polls are trash because Trump voters are “shy voters.” If you’re voting for Trump, are you really going to tell a stranger over the phone whom you’re voting for? Doing so might put you on a list, get you doxxed, get you fired from your job, beat up, or worse. Why do you as a Trump voter worry about that? You, and everyone else in America, are being demoralized. Nikita Khrushchev, who ran the Soviet Union from 1958 to 1964, was quite open in predicting the destruction of the United States and furthermore said it would happen in the way that every society eventually collapses — internally. “We will take America without firing a shot,” Khrushchev said. “We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within.”

Of course, the Soviet Union didn’t take America down. We won the Cold War and they lost. The USSR collapsed before we did, mostly because America had a leader in Ronald Reagan who had the vision and will to pressure the Soviets into collapse and openly talked of a day when Soviet communism was on the ash-heap of history. But Reagan also warned that freedom is a fragile thing and that it’s never more than one generation from extinction. That warning expired when Reagan did, as Americans grew far too complacent after the USSR fell apart and forgot what communism means. And as the cold warriors of the 20th century passed into the history books, what replaced them was an American cultural and political elite either ignorant of the Marxist threat and how it might materialize, or far more concerned with the rise of Islam. That’s how you got a red diaper baby like Barack Obama elected president of this country for two terms. It’s also how you got Republican state legislators, governors, and congressmen fully invested in throwing money into education, and particularly higher education, without a second of thought against the country.

Now I am not saying the Russians are coming, or the Chinese are coming, but it does feel like some kind of Red Dawn invasion from the inside, then it will work itself out. Be prepared.

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