• Dylan Caufield

It's One Big Club--and You Ain't in It

George Carlin said it best. It is one big club and you ain't in it. For homework click on the link and listen, and watch, and you will understand what this means. Next, click on this very insightful Facebook video from Judge Joe Brown--watch it before they take it down. It might still be on youtube as well. This confirms what a lot of people have always suspected--that our nation has been run by one big cabal from HW Bush to Obama. There was no difference. Trump is not part of the club. https://www.facebook.com/100013049910036/videos/945616635883325

Below are transcripts from the video.

“…Well, there are pictures of Bush with his arm around eight-year-old Barack Obama because his step-daddy —adopted daddy, Lolo Soetoro— had done a lifetime worth of business with the Bush’s. Ah, Uncle George Herbert Walker, after whom George Herbert Walker Bush, Bush One President was named, founded Halliburton in 1946 in Oklahoma. And Lolo Soetoro had been international executive Vice President for Standard Oil,”’Brown said.

“There was talk of him [Soetoro] being a CIA asset,” Scoon interjected.

“Well yes, you see, he [Soetoro] ran the death squads for the Indonesian Army. On his own call anyone could be assassinated.

“So when George Herbert Walker Bush became head of the CIA under the Ford Administration, he just got with his old buddy in the oil business —Lolo Soetoro— and pulled off the hits.

“See, uh, Barack’s grandmother has been acknowledged as being the woman that operated the channels through which CIA money went to the Southwest Pacific,” said Brown.

Brown’s assertion was corroborated by Juan O’Savin, a QAnon researcher. O’Savin said during an interview that was posted on YouTube on July 28, 2019 (see source 5) that Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines was a CIA asset. Obama’s grandmother handled Marcos’ finances in the U.S. when the Filipino President was ousted.

Judge Brown continued. “So she introduced her daughter, who had just had Barry/Barack, to Lolo Soetoro and they got married and Lolo Soetoro adopted Barack Obama. The name was changed to Barry Soetoro.

“Now when he [Barry Soetoro] went to high school [Punahou School, known as Oahu College until 1934] in Hawaii. I know about that high school. I almost sent my oldest son to it. I could afford it, but I didn’t think that he deserved it. Twenty years ago the tuition was $95,000 a year, not including room and board. When Obama went there —I’ve talked to two of his classmates— they independently state that the tuition, not including room and board, was $45,000.

“Now Business Insider reports his [Barack Obama] income for 2017 at over $200 million net. That’s after taxes, deductions [and] right-offs. For this last year, 2018, they reported it as 570-plus million dollars, and that’s after all of deductions, tax right...

“…Trump doesn’t make that net. I mean, even some of the richest people in America don’t make that, why? Because when his [Barack Obama] step-daddy died he was one of the ten/15 richest men on earth, and he left everything in a trust fund, operated out of Indonesia so the American government can’t touch it.

“This makes Barack Obama one-third beneficiary for the assets of one of the ten/15 richest men on earth.

“You see so —we got a game run on us,” Brown said.

“So, you know that little thing that Bush W. does when he gets with Michelle, they giggle, and he gives her candy? The inside thing is that’s supposed to be the same kind of candy he used to give her husband when he was six, seven, eight years old.

“So you know, the Democrats, the Republicans —nobody’s done much of anything for black folk. The Republicans are just been a right-off, but they’re anxious for votes now. The Democratic Party —I mean, more power to em, but if you vote for the Democrats you’ve given LGBTQ, etc., the end. So we [black people] get nothing out of it.

“And then the other thing to is in about 30 years there will no longer be a majority race in America, and we won’t be the largest minority, it will be Hispanics, whites.”

Judge Brown noted in California, Hispanics are 54 percent of the population. “So they are a majority in California, they’re approaching that in Nevada and in Arizona and New Mexico.

“So in Hawaii there is no majority race,” he said.

This plain-spoken and politically-incorrect man covered a variety of topics during the more than one hour and 23-minute interview.

Judge Brown said Jussie Smollett is “perhaps the nephew, by marriage of [California Sen.] Kamala Harris’ sister [Maya Harris)]. The anti-lynch bill had nothing to do with black folk. “That was to get LGBTQ in the door,” he said.

My main disagreement with Judge Brown is China. They’ve stolen a lot technology from the United States (source 6), and the Deep State/CIA has technology which is just as advanced or more advanced than China.

Also China’s human rights record is a stain on its culture that it has lost its masculine principles.

Another point. Judge Brown said when Lolo Soetoro (1935-1987) died he left a trust fund in Indonesia with three equal beneficiaries, Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro and his two siblings. According to Wikipedia’s Lolo Soetoro entry (see source 7) Soetoro had stepson Barack Obama and three children. I’m curious to know if Soetoro excluded one of his children and if so, why?

For more information about Punahou School (known as Oahu College until 1934), the private, co-educational, college preparatory school located in Honolulu where Obama —class of 1979— attended from fifth to 12th grade, see source 8.

Possessing and displaying a vast knowledge of world history Judge Brown has some interesting comments about the state of the African American community. But my opinion —like most Americans he’s ensconced in the white/black, black women/black men; Democratic/Republican; liberal/conservative; left/right etc., etc., etc., Hegelian Dialectic dynamic.

The Illuminati, Globalists, Deep State players and international intelligence agencies, under the control of a satanic/demonic evil global cabal, employ the Hegelian Dialectic to distract, deceive and deflect; so we, the little people, focus on our gender, racial, religious, ideological, political, etc., etc., etc., differences while they, the big people, try to intimidate, manipulate, dominate (which is tantamount to witchcraft) and plan our demise and prepare for the advent of the New World Order (the Antichrist).

Nevertheless Judge Joseph Blakeney Brown Jr. is a very interesting man who has a lot of interesting things to say. I would encourage you all to listen to his entire interview.


So, basically, Obama is not someone who made it up on his own, he is an entitled black person who was never even close to poor. This is more evidence of how we have been living through fake news and four years of demonization of Trump. Trump is probably the most transparent president we have ever had. Is there anything about Trump that we have not heard about? Maybe, but compared to other 44 presidents--not even close. Furthermore, it is obvious that a person is groomed for the job as president. Rarely, if it all, does someone just pop on the scene by accident.

Click here for more comments about this also the fact that he appears to have been a CIA creation.