• Dylan Caufield

Ghislaine Maxwell...What will happen?

The Cynic Citizen, as usual, takes a contrarian, cynical perspective on the arrest of Ghilane Maxwell, Social media is way off point. Everybody thinks she will meet some deceitful, nefarious fate, such as Arkancided, some sort of planned COVID death in prison, or just allegedly die in prison a la Epstein. We are close to the election and I just know there is something more sinister to this. I am banking on some kind of natural disaster that she, unfortunately, or coincidentally, happens to be barricaded at the time. This is a wild card play but, hey, this is 2020. We really do not want where she is being incarcerated or even if she is, but the media will be miraculously alerted when the body is found. The more this gets dragged out the more it looks like a planned PSYOP is in play. There are too many powerful elites that want this entire perverted saga to go away. Just think of a name, any name, and go to duckduckgo (somethings on google get scrubbed) and plug it in next to Epstein--and you will be floored. Authors, artists, actors, billionaires, producers, media moguls, media personnel, deans, attorneys, judges, athletes, owners, bankers, professors, researchers, celebrities, politicians, CEO's, religious figures--no sector or sex was immune. When you finally calm down with your desired self-medication, you will begin to see the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit and realize that Epstein orchestrated one of the most elaborate blackmail honeypots schemes of all time. (Did I mention that key figures of the legal team defending and prosecuting Epstein cases over the years have connections to the island?)

A piece to the puzzle only fits another piece if it fits--and what makes it fit in this puzzle is blackmail. The more people that Epstein had blackmailed the more powerful he became and the more people had blackmailed the more voluminous was his Blackbook. This Blackbook has more noise than Black Lives Matter--it is loaded with dynamite. It is the size of War and Peace, just from what has been made public--so there has to be a Britannica set stashed somewhere. But this is the 21st century where everything is digitized and put in a cloud, which is why these elites have permanent brown stains in their underwear. (Did I mention that Prince Andrew tried to flee to Qatar to escape extradition before Maxwell arrest?).

Consequently, this puzzle has tremendous size and power, which means it has a vast network. Contacting Epstein was better than indeed.com--he was the best headhunter in the world. If you needed money, financing, a loan, for a film, project, scientific discovery, etc. he was your man. If you needed to launder some money to keep it off the books, he was your man. No matter what, as in the famous words of Don Corleone, he could make an offer you couldn't refuse. Who knows--Epstein probably organized and coordinated his clients' flight log so that they could talk business before and after they took care of their business. The wink and nod with these heavy hitters were well understood. (Did I mention that Biden owns an island right next to Epstein's and it has submarine tunnel access to it?).

Shakespeare said that "all the world is a stage and we are merely players." It is quite evident that the major players have all been vetted by Epstein. Epstein smut was skillfully packaged and distributed to intelligence agencies worldwide to make sure that these major players stayed on script. If they tend to improvise or adlib from the script a convenient reminder of their participation in pedowood when they are out walking or jogging in the woods usually did the trick. Sometimes warnings are skipped and accelerated right to Arkancide. This is why a retired FBI friend told me that he never believes in coincidences. (Did I mention that billionaire Hollywood producer Steve Bing was "suicided" just before Maxwell's arrest? Did I mention that his wife, Elizabeth Hurley, actress, also had a line of bikinis for teen girls?)

All war is deception says Sun Tsu from the Art of War. We are at war. Right now it is an information war. Propagating fear through inflating positive covid cases and even manipulating the death counts in order to create a second wave lockdown seems to be drowning out this Maxwell story in MSM. I am even noticing that Fox News is just providing serviceable coverage. Even CNN is not hammering it home like the Stormy Daniels soap opera. Social media offers more substance and opinions on the Maxwell story. (Did I mention that Rupert Murdoch is found pictured with Ghaline Maxwell and Jeff Zucker's wife is gal pals of Ghaline Maxwell). This explains the 2016 election, both networks new about it, and really failed to report it.

In this game of political poker, each side could be holding the ace of spades, but are they ever going to play it? As of now, it looks as though each side is willing to bury this story if they cannot bury Maxwell, because the trial is being pushed to July 2021, after the election. But that doesn't mean a so-called truth bomb with no corroborating evidence doesn't get leaked as some form of October surprise. The swamp can be so dirty. (Did I mention that Epstein had deep ties to the Democratic party and former President Obama? Michelle has been reportedly seen on pedo-island)

This story shows the power of the press because it is the best and worse kept secret at the same time. Everybody knew about Epstein and Maxwell, but in the complicit press, everybody played dumb. Cindy McCain, widow of the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) candidly admitted in a January interview that the elite “all knew” about Epstein’s illegal activities. “It’s like everything. It hides in plain sight. Epstein was hiding in plain sight. We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing, but we had no legal aspect that would go after him,” she said. “They were afraid of him. For whatever reason, they were afraid of him. All of a sudden, someone said ‘BS, we’re not afraid of you anymore and what you’re doing is not only wrong but illegal’. It’s like a house of cards. It’s going to start tumbling,” she added. ( Did I mention that she makes these hypocritical comments as she condemns the act of human trafficking? Did I mention that she could have told her very powerful Senator husband to start an investigation on that matter?

As for Trump, he didn’t fly to Lolita Island countless times as Clinton did ....and Clinton lied about it ..Les Wexner, owner of now-bankrupt Victoria Secret, the Limited, and Bath, and Body Works and is guilty as hell, bankrolled Epstein opposed Trump in. ‘16 ..after being a life long Republican ... he knew Trump would not tank the investigation into Epstein like Bush and Obama did. But then time will tell in that regard.

Prediction: It is the year of corona so the crown will take a fall. A salacious video of Prince Andrew will get leaked. This will give people some red meat, but it won't be nearly enough, which is why some key Republicans running for reelection in swing states will be name-dropped, especially senators, for if upper chamber goes to the Dems, keep the House, and win the presidency, thus all three branches, then put the hammer and sickle over the white house. Supreme court decisions will continue to be confusing, now you know why. Roberts, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch are all compromised on the right. The left-leaning justices are already locked right in step with Marxism so don't count on the court to provide any legal dissent. (Did I mention that Scalia was killed because he was going to expose or warn Roberts of his betrayal). Maybe some other mid-level names will seep out over time but the second wave of corona will be more potent (it is bioweapon with nanobot capability) making this story impotent.......UNLESS it involves the death of Maxwell. Hope I am wrong.


Remember Jon Benet Ramsay? The child beauty queen that got murdered... check out the side profile next to her... it looks like Maxwell. https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/179888379/posts/31

Now Maxwell has thrown a wildcard into this charade by claiming to have a husband. This clearly shows that she has been planning ahead and is definitely a spy--for whom though. It seems that she has Mossad ties. Her father, Robert Maxwell

First off, Ghilane Maxwell is in FBI custody under some kind of witness protection. Her personal attorney is Lisa Bloom, a Trump hater, and this case is being prosecuted in enemy territory for Trump--the SDNY (southern district of new york). One of the prosecuting attorneys is the daughter of James Comey--need I spell that one out. Trump has also caved and told his base to wear masks. During his Thursday morning press conference designed to brag about the economic recovery, Trump looked tired and was not as resounding and confident as would be expected. Roger Stone was defending the notion that Trump was losing his vigor and wanted to quit. Prediction: Maxwell is on tape implicating Trump and this will be shelved and timely leaked. The timing will happen just before Hillary is set to testify in September--maybe another September 11 explosion. The infowar is about to get really loud.