• Dylan Caufield

Get Ready for Man-Made Natural Disasters

Crazy weather systems are developing around the globe. Prepare for hurricanes around the gulf and eastern seaboard. Lightning and moisture have been circulating around California. Continuous high temperatures in the golden state will contribute to fires. Cloud ionizers, cloud seeding, electromagnetics, and all kinds of modified weather techniques are in play. Look it up--the US military has developed advanced capabilities that enable it to selectively alter weather patterns. Research HAARP--it is been around since the mid-1990s. It looks as if the Deep States is gearing toward a mother nature lockdown. COVID has become a proven failure and the riots are just not resonating with the normal folk. Neither is creating the ire like a few months ago. So as we move closer to the election it is time to crank up another disaster. Shadowgate has gained some traction so a diversion needs to be set. The noose could be tightening on Obamagate, Hillary emails, and of course the worldwide roundup of pedo/pervs in the cabal of pedophilia. These purposely planned natural disasters will provide perfect cover for the Deep State to move in on everyday Americans or it's a gateway for Trump to covertly indict, prosecute, or punish treasonous, corrupt infiltrators of our republic.

Folks, there is a coup going on, and they are going to employ any tactics necessary to achieve their objective--overthrow the government and have UN control. My thinking is that it will start with the left coast. Commiefornia, Oregon, and Washington are very likely in play for a Chinese takeover. All three states are extremely blue, full of Karens, who still believe that wearing a mask 24/7 will prevent the virus or bacteria or whatever the F covid is. The smart ones are bugging out. The rest are living examples of the loss of oxygen going to the brain.

If this persists it could lead to a nationwide lockdown. However, I believe that the Silent Majority is gaining traction and growing. I believe that Trump will win and the opposition knows that the fake polls are not working. So they are trying to create this narrative that Trump will lose and that he will have to be removed. This is all propaganda horse S and the people know it. There has been a Great Awakening. People realize that all of these misfortunes are not organic but manufactured. The cabal will not stop until Trump is out of office, and when he is, they will accelerate this madness even more. Do you expect the Jo Ho ticket to turn the tide? Forget about it. The Jo Blow team are place holders for the communist Deep State coup. Natural disasters will clog up the collection of mail-in ballots and provide greater opportunity for corruption. Of course, Trump will be blamed for cheating if he is winning in the early vote count. Lost ballots due to weather will the alibi for close wing state counts. I anticipate a shit show.

Sustained natural disaster plays perfectly into a project blue beam scenario. Chaos and mayhem is what they want to interject so that the DS can beam in a savior to a one-world government. It will be the hall of fame of holograms. It sounds crazy but hey we are living in a conspiratorial dystopian society--this is the new normal. What could stop all this nonsense is war games. The military-industrial complex is trying their level best to get Trump to wage war with China. China has military bases in Mexico and Canada--how's that make you feel? And we expect Hobama to fend them off. (lol). When America defaults on its debt and the economy crashes, the U.S. military will disintegrate and the People's Liberation Army will stream in and take over. A more mild version of the story is that the invasion force is an asymmetric response to American forces in the Asia-Pacific. Should the Americans try to intervene in a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, the Chinese could counter by attacking the United States directly.

Many of those proposing the Chinese invasion theory seem to think that China owns essentially all of the U.S. public debt. In this case, Obummer is just an irresponsible loser, but one whose foolishness has doomed America to servitude. At the other end, Obama is a Muslim traitor. Why is that important? Because China is a Muslim country. According to the video at the link, the Chinese military and government are fundamentally Muslim in character. Did Obama work with the Chinese Muslim government to pave the way for a full-scale invasion? If there is a collapse of the U.S. economy it will decimate the American military. And just in case, the Deep State wants to put you in FEMA camps, is take away your guns so you can’t shoot the Chinese when they arrive.