• Dylan Caufield

Finish your corona, here comes the murder hornets

Updated: May 22

Nothing enhances the taste of corona like a few killer Asian bees flying by.

As the weather warms, we should be cooling off with a corona, as well as its namesake virus in the fear porn press. However, as the scamdemic starts to subside, it seems like something else will be buzzing around and making a lot of noise from the fifth column megaphone--killer Asian hornets.

Is it China, Deep State, Pelosi, Biden? No, it could not be Biden. He said that he was a busy bee , not a killer bee. Anyway, like corona, it cannot be (no pun intended) overlooked. It is a threat, but like everything else in this crazy twilight zone of 2020, the timing is a huge coincidence. Ever notice that the news cycle of despair is perfectly spaced out and planned, even though in retrospect when the story dies out that we realize the events happened much earlier than the leak of the fear. It's like going from football, basketball, and baseball season without missing a beat. In fact, when you eliminate sports from the public periphery, such as the case with corona, it props the political propaganda panic porn theatre on the big screen with no interruption. From impeachment, and all of its salacious subplots, to corona, to quarantine, to re-opening, and all of the drama and buffoonery in the beltway within each of these plandemic parts has been fully heard with high anxiety so that the sheep have their marching orders. A source once told me, that in politics, there are no coincidences. In fact, the word, conspiracy, created by the intelligence community, provides plausible alibi to dismiss coincidences as just that.

So my prediction is that these killer Asian hornets have been here before and for quite a while. But isn't it a coincidence that they were just found in the state of Washington--same location as the origin of the Coronavirus. Now, these killer hornets like to eat meat, so this rhetoric will feed into the fear porn of the meatpacking plants need to be doubly inspected. Eventually, all the meatpacking plants will be shut down. Then, the meat will have to be suspended from delivery to grocery stores. People will start raising their own chickens, thus more do it yourself dudes making chicken coups. Ted Nugent types will start hunting cattle and learning how to clean and cook their own game. The government will put together a task force, probably bring in some frauds from another alphabet agency--maybe this time the FDA, and they will provide a band-aid, some synthetic form of protein that is similar to meat and is safe, blah blah . We will be told not to go outside and if we do to make sure we have bug propellant on, not to wear black, wear long sleeve shirts, and refrain from shorts but wear pants. Later on, we will find out that this will not be effective, just don't bathe in honey, don't call anybody honey, or even have a honey-do list. Also, we will be able to go back in black, relieving all of the AC/DC hardcore. Tank tops and baggy cargo shorts will eventually be allowed, much to the ease of all the Curt Cobain heroin users who thought everybody was trying to look like them. Bill Gates will factor in this somehow. He will plant another vaccine in the Deep Pocket of some Deep State operative, and voila, everything will be cured.

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