• Dylan Caufield

Corona to Riots, now back to Corona

Updated: Jun 30

This is an update from an earlier post. (UPDATE)

Fake news, remember, is like water, it just keeps flowing to its lowest level. As soon as a dike in the doomsday dam has been thwarted, the river of fear will be diabolically diverted elsewhere. We are seeing that right now. "Black Water" was humming along like the Doobie Brothers hit. But enough "woke" sheep have realized that this song has ended--for now. Time to throw the white catfish back into the Mississippi mud, pick up your pole, and go home. Home--and the deep state wants you to stay there. Yes, the river of fear flowing back to your house of corona.

Testing for COVID is increasing, so more positive results are increasing. The usual blue spots on the map, run by slimy shepherds are complicit in the canard. Bar and restaurants are closing in these spiked areas even though death rates are going down. Young people can now walk into the corona haunted house. Statistics say that more youth are testing positive. What they fail to tell you is that all you have to do to get into the monster mash is cough, have a runny nose, a sore throat, headache, or some owee that mommy's kiss did not make feel better and you will be labeled COVID positive and allowed to enter the dark scary corona cave. Also, the spiked kool-aid is flowing as fast as the people coming back across the border, which is where a lot of the positive tests are coming from. Consequently, there is a spike in the numbers in these border communities, a la Texas, Florida, Arizona, and California. Would the deep state be diabolical enough to intentionally bus these people to make the numbers appear more pervasive in the nation? And people die every day..would the deep state manipulate death statistics to keep the sheep going "baa baa."

People die every day, and you can bet your devalued stimulus dollar that some sob story will come out, that perfectly fit their nefarious narrative, that death occurred because someone, not rioting, was out in public without a mask. We will learn that defund the police means to divert resources away from catching thieves, murderers, and rapist, and move the mullah to the gateway of marshall law--making sure everybody is wearing a mask. The sheep will move right through the slaughterhouse--completely unaware that they will be churned into a communist cracker made out of Mao manure. Right now, the main ingredient of mao manure is COVID-19. (HOMEWORK: Watch SOYLENT GREEN, a 1970's sci-fi classic ).

Finally, and what is really manure is the COVID test itself. "Asymptomatic transmission" is a myth brought about by the defective test. The COVID 19 RT-PCR test is showing that around 80% are false positive, which means that the pathogen is not the cause of the disease, and is perhaps just a messenger. So does this virus even cause a disease? Not a doctor, just asking logical questions. And the social science question is, are these false-positive test enough for people to give up their liberties for no scientific reason?

The problem is a good one, but a scary one for the sheep. More and more sheep will start to wake up and connect the dots. The sheep will realize that young healthy people will not die or even be hospitalized, and the rise in numbers is just that, and the test may not even be full proof, which means a new scam must be inserted. Before this next intentional PSYOP, designed to divide and conquer, is put in play, some fake news stories will be sprinkled in. And these stories will get loud and generate a lot of noise. News stories that occurred months ago, but are deemed very important now. Foreign policy stuff with Ukraine, Iran, or Russia designed to make Trump look bad and forget that Biden is in the basement. Conversations to foreign leaders will be leaked from never trumpers on the inside to the media. All of this will be designed to tar and feather Trump and cover-up the fact that Biden forgot how to spell his first name. This west wing gossip will resonate then run against talk show resistance-- a lot of it. Eventually, something of substance--like fear of meat shortage, rolling blackouts, weaponized weather, and censorship will be used, and don't forget, this October 19th will mark the 33rd anniversary (favorite number of the Illuminati) of the 25% one day decline in the stock market.

Reminder: follow the money. Studies and hocus pocus research will come out, and they are meaningless, but they create enough fear to justify lockdowns. Just follow the money. Who benefits if our economy is crippled? Who assumes world economic supremacy when the US falters? Who started this mess in the first place? Who authored any of these studies or disinfo articles? Who is using the pandemic to threaten its neighbors (India, Taiwan, Hong Kong) militarily? The answer to all these questions is China.



I guess corona season is over and we have now moved into riot season. I am

glad that the mask is still being worn. I was worried that the deadly residue that has killed a whopping .003 percent of the population would be catapulted from the f bombs and racial epithets from these overly exuberant first amendment patriots that just want to borrow a few things from those selfish small business owners. Those bad small business owners—the same ones who wanted to violate shelter in place and satisfy their own greed, saying they wanted to support their families—such fake news.

I am a little worried about the social distancing during this seasonal changeover. The six-foot marker appears to be difficult to enforce, but hey, these rioters, I mean protester, are out there for a good cause. Racial injustice only gets repaired through brute force and allowing the protesters to pick up a few essential items. To discourage city to city mobility amongst protestors, as well as to curb any potential spread from this pandemic, a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine needs to be put into effect. This should give the protestors plenty of time to finish their patriotic duty as well as preserve the common good of health to the community. Fake news should explain this side of the story instead of showing these protestors lighting a fire to property—-don't people know that they are only using this tactic to maintain social

distance, and in the Middle Ages they used fire to burn off viruses--can’t people connect the dots! People get so brainwashed by the fake news.

These protestors know how to save their physical energy too. I’m impressed by how they can just “turn on the light“ and start protesting when there is a camera or smartphone in their face. And again, I am amazed at how they have avoided getting the coronavirus.

Also, I like it when the media avoids reporting on trivial matters that have nothing to do with the story. Such as, George Floyd was trying to pass a counterfeit 20 dollar bill. allegedly this started the whole bruha or maybe this was the go sign for this entire operation. It is the year 2020, an election year, and the factions against Trump accuse him as fake and will do anything to stop him. Also, the fake news has avoided any mention of conspiratorial symbolism on the video—-the 666 on the trash can and the location—33rd street. Another weird thing that does not need to be questioned is that the neighbors of Derek Chauvin did not know he was a cop. Also, those who know Derek Chauvin said that the guy in the video does not look like the guy they know. His wife is of Asian descent—should not matter, yes, we have problems with Asian spies here, but that doesn’t mean she’s one. No use doing any investigative reporting and taking our eyes and mines of what’s important —filming the protest.

I’m glad the media is avoiding any mention of China in this transformation into riot season. I mean China had a hand in corona but they couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the riots. I mean China supports ANTIFA that we know of but could they actually be funding some of these other fringe groups? And they wouldn’t be coordinating with George Soros to finance these protest? Anyway, we just need to stay focused on the protest.

——————————————————— Below are comments about fake news and how it applies to this story from earlier

Those pretty faces on my screen that read the news to me are so smart and such a beacon of truth. I don’t know why the president called them fake news. They are just reporting information that I like to hear. I hate it when they present the other side of a story. It just ticks me off and makes me mad. Taking stories out of context is so funny and hilarious. It makes me root for my side and hate the other side. I hate it when I hear a talk show host play an unedited version of a media clip that contradicts my opinion..to me that is fake news.

Twitter is doing a good job alerting the youth to spread the necessary hate about the George Floyd case. This will alert the ANTIFA forces, really ramp up the raucous behavior, and ultimately fix the problem. The people need to know that they are pissed about a white cop killing an innocent black man--even though everybody agrees it was wrong and condemned the act--we need to get the message out that physical force will rehabilitate the misbehavior. The cops have more pressing matters. They need to reinforce and arrest those criminals violating social distance guidelines not worry about these first amendment protestors. Not to fuck corona, this is a bigger problem. But just in case, I am glad these looters and rioters are wearing masks. People are still scared they might die of the corona, not some innocent, exuberant constitutionalist who might throw a rock or provoke a violent response. Plus, these protesters just want to taunt the cops just enough so that they can get them on video using excessive force. Twitter is really good at deleting the taunting stuff and editing the video just right so it looks like the cops are at fault, then we can send it viral. Thank god for twitter. If it wasn't for twitter coordinating with all these upset people and allowing them to exercise their first amendment rights, then every white cop was going to kill all the black people just like Al Sharpton and Reverend Wright said so. You see, they are just finishing the job that Martin Luther King started, just the way we were taught in school, so I know it is true. Anyway, twitter receives final kudos for kicking out of cyberspace all of this conservative crap about Obamagate. Obama would not lie or spy on anybody without just cause. Why would he make something up? It's not like he did anything wrong. Trump is the meanie here. He has a tangerine face and keeps spouting off how everything is a hoax and there is no evidence. Adam Schiff keeps saying there is evidence so there must be evidence. He has a D in front of his name and Rachel Madcow on MSLSD said so, therefore, I know it is a slam dunk.

Facebook keeps giving these small business owners a platform for their begging and pleading to open up their businesses like they have some important family to feed or something. Target, Walmart, and Home Depot bring in much more money to the state and federal treasuries through sales taxes than any of these little pions Why should they bully there way on to the scene at the harm of the .003 percent who might die because of the coronavirus. We should all remain shelter in place, wear masks, and practice social distancing until there is a 100 percent survivability from the corona (of course one is exempt from these demands if he is performing a civic duty like rioting). Of course, cancer and heart disease deaths will creep back up if we cure corona, but hey, we saved a lot of lives from cancer and heart disease when everybody started dying from the corona. We had a good run at it, but nothing lasts forever.

MSM needs to keep the fake news out. We do not need to know that George Floyd and Derek Chauvin knew each other as security officers at a night club. George Floyd may have done some porn, but hey, fear porn is better to sell in the news.

sizable medical breakthrough when the corona deaths were rising because if we completely cure this corona crisis, then the rate Facebook needs to delete this fake news. I don't blame these protestors for looting their stores. Much to my surprise, Facebook did allow some posts

They are just filtering all that conservative crap that nobody wants to read. I'd rather align myself with ANTIFA and other domestic activist groups with a purpose. We don't want to read Trump's tweets or some Republican rant that wants a full investigation of the George Floyd case. We know what happened because MSM tells us, and big tech has helped us get the racist word out. Big tech has also helped muzzle any hashtags that could hurt the feelings of the chosen one, Obummer. keep all that hate from the tangerine man out of s seeking revenge on Trump for censoring social media. They are actually aiding and abetting the riots.

The fake news I like best is when they show how Trump wants to enforce the law and how his policies affect people of color. He is such a meany. He should let them do whatever they want, like the city of San Francisco. They let people steal up to a 1000 dollars worth of stuff and poop in the street. They are so compassionate.

Then there is the fake news of riots. without the media shows the race war in America. I hate it when Trump wants to enforce the law. It is so racist. All his policies. These people wearing "Fuck Trump" and yelling "All white people should die" are such kidders. They are just joking around. I am sure the women on The View will show what heroes they are. I am glad that the media isn't interpreting any weird, strange coincidences of how these riots are occurring in regions of mainly blue states. Regions within red states should not be seen as peaceful. Those mean small business owners that tried to open their nonessential business during the quarantine were so selfish, so they deserve to have their business looted.

We don't want to hear how coronavirus is fake or overblown. We want to be scared, even if itis fake, it is more entertaining that way. Obamagate was such a fake. And these protests going on right now are all his fault. Why do all those fakers on the other side keep boring us with allegations of General FI love Obama so much and he didn't mean to spy on General Flynn. He was just trying to protect his skinny half white half black communist ass from getting caught. Obama is so smart because he has learned how to deflect any guilt and cast blame and create crime on others.