• Dylan Caufield

Dirty Laundry

Updated: May 4

What did Don Henly say, "we want dirty laundry." But hey, so what's wrong with these telepromt readers as actors in the making. I like it that they entertain me, especially those on TV. The better looking the more believable. Nobody wants to trust somebody that has a face for radio and a voice for mime. All the world is a stage and the news should be not be any different.

What I like most of the media is when they make sure that as a viewer I get the story right away and then check the facts as they go. Dirty laundry is when the media misses the boat on a story. My ADD kicks in because of my meds and I like it when the media tells me what is happenning in real time, editorializing with conviction what they think is really happening. If there is any changes to the story they send out a small retraction on their website, and I appreciate that.

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