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Disinformation and Corona

Updated: May 22

Disinformation and Corona

Information is circulating at mach 1 speed and changing quicker than a baby's diapers, which for the latter, may be the appropriate metaphor for the politicians delivering the information. But when information is wrong or misleading, is it misinformation or is it disinformation? Misinfomration is false or misleading; disinformation is a deliberate, conscious effort to manufacture and deliver false information with the sole purpose to deceive and mislead. Disnformation has been around a long time and Russia is considered the masters of it. The origin of the word dezinformatsiya is Russian, but Joseph Stalin coined the term, disinformation, to make it sound French which would make it sound like it derived from the West--so the very essence of the word is disinformation. (This is very similar to the word conspiracy theory--coined by the CIA to provide rhetorical cover and plausible deniability for any narrative , factually true or not, that runs counter to its aim.) Anyway, under Stalin, they created a special disinformation office. Two well known Russian disinformation campigns were that the U.S. invented AIDS and supported apartheid in South Africa. Political experts suggest that the entire Cold War was at its core an elaborate, sophisticated disinformation campaign. We have recently learned that the entire ,"Trump is Russian agent and thus he rigged the 2016 presidential election," was a disinformation campaign by the Russians and the corrutible factions within the United States intelligence community covered it up. United States has got is hand in disinformation cookie jar as well. In fact disinformation helped propel the revolutionary war. Paul Revere's historic engraving "The Bloody Massacre in King Street" was very effective war propoganda. It wasn not an accurate depiction of the events. The painting shows the British lined up and an officer giving an order to fire, implying that the British soldiers are the aggressors. The colonist are shown reacting to the British when in fact they had attacked the soldiers. British faces are also sharp and angular in contrast to the Americans' softer, more innocent features. This makes the British more menacing.

As one tip toes through American history, we see clear signs of disinformation: The sinking of the battleship Maine, the sinking of the Lusistania, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, JFK, RFK, Watergate, Grenada, War on Drugs, invasion of Panama, WMD's, and the biggest one of them all--9-11. To sustain the disinformation people need to be placed in an established places of power to keep the cover up going. The Warren Commission, oversaw the assassination of JFK, and the 9-11 commission which authored the "official" findings of the terrorist activities of Sptember 11, 2001, are the two most ripe examples. Three names jump out from the Warren Commission--Gerald Ford, Allen Dulles, and Arlen Specter--one would eventually become president, one became head of the CIA, and one became a chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The "magic bullet theory" that pinpointed Oswald as the lone assassin would have never maintained its legs without these three maintaing the cover up. As for 911, nearly 20 years have passed, evidence has slowly been uncovered that the commission assigned to investigating all of the facts surrounding 9/11 has succeeded in obscuring, rather than unearthing, the truth.

So this brings us to our current crisis--the corona virus. Currently, the math just not equate to the panic porn being purported in the legacy media. So the burning questions is, are we all pawns of a freakish disinformation campaign. All of the predictive models have been way off the apocalyptic mark. Body bags were supposed to be stacked like chords of wood. But every time there is evidence that the curve has flattened and unfortunate deaths are down, factions within the government push back with--there will be a second wave that will be more dangerous and you better wear a body bag outside all times, even if you are just walking to your mail box by yourself in rural Wyoming where you nearest neighbor is three miles away. Governor "I need more ventiltors even though I do not need them" Cuomo has found that complaining everyday for two hours on a legacy media will give him political points and hopefully more leverage to ask for more money, which comes in the way of pork through back channels in a stimulus bill, to help shrink that 6.5 billion dollar deficit that is all Trumps fault not his in the only city that maters New York. Cuomo's fellow donkey mate on the left coast, Governor Nuisance, another politician born on third base, has recently informed Californians that he wants to have some of the recently deceased bodies investigated to see if there were traces of corona that were overlooked. "We must find more corona" seems to be the battlecry of the left. They know that there statistics are bogus, inflated, and skewed. The more we know, the more we find out that people already had corona and recovered quite nicely, so the real recovery rate is probably in the neighborhood of 99.7 percent or .3 percent mortality rate, far below the 15-20 percent apocalyptic pandemic . What did Mark Twain say, "there are lies, dam lies, and statistics."

This brings to the WHO, World Health Organization. Similar to these aforementioned committee the WHO, known to be corrupted by China's influence is the chief source of the corona virus pandemic. Never mine that the organization is cluttered with globalist, champions of vaccines, and just flat out dissenters of the United States. Stats, studies, home remedies, etc. are either praised or repudiated by the WHO.

So why all the fear porn? Is this a fake facade or a delusion disinformation agenda to advance something sinnister? Many have speculated that its all politics--that if Trump loses the election, this will magically disappear, for a vaccine will be found in Sleepy Joe's back pocket on Novemeber 4th...he forgot that he had it there. The DNC was hoping that he would forget that they had planted it there..as long as it was after the election. If Trump wins, then the fear of another potentially more damaging pandemic will be in play. Some say it is a race for to get all the elements in play for the 5G network. There is talk of a huge infrastructure bill that I am sure is to complement this platform. So what is going on is just one big kabuki dance, that will destroy the middle class, and square off the United States and China in a huge arm wrestling match over the the power control of satellites or various high tech gizmos of 5G, and that is of paramount importance to get the upper hand now. Currency also cannot be overlooked. The United States is the reserve currency in the word. China would like to change that. China was heavily invested in Bitcoin, manipulated its price in the early going. They would like to have some kind of digital currency to replace the U.S. dollar. What did Rothschild say, "Give me control of the money and I do not care who makes the laws." What did Shakespeare say" All the worlds a stage and we are merely players."...the players in a never ending disinformation drama that we pray does not end in a tragedy.

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