• Dylan Caufield

Dementia Primary Weirdness

Updated: May 4

So a month ago everybody was playing funeral music for Joe Biden. Everybody was feeling the Bern. Biden was tanking in the polls. Basically he had forgotten his name and needed his diaper changed before he waddled back to his room. But then something changed, and it wasn’t Biden. He still looked and acted as if trying to figure out how his Facebook works. Biden still could not find either nostril to pick his nose but Dementia party bosses fixed, excuse me, focused their resources to Biden. Could China be those hateful, I mean, helpful resources that the Dementia party is extorted to, I mean, sorted to listen to because of the excessive bribes, I mean, donations to their directive, I mean, campaign. China owns holly weird so why not make the Democrap presidential primary weird. America business is heavily invested in China and China policies are heavily invested in America politics. So all you registered Dementiacrats who felt the Bern as you daydreamed about all the free stuff, now have obediently switched to another hateful orange putin pill that will make you sleepy, like Joe.

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