• Dylan Caufield

Coronavirus Quarantine: Good, Bad, Ugly- Netflix

Updated: May 22

Good: Binge on netflix--watch what you want, when you want as much as you want

Bad: Content--one may go Kurt Cobain if they get too absorbed into its content. Every documentary seems to have some kind of metaphorical theme, either subtle or overt, that plays with your mind and makes you look at the dark side of all current events. Pandemic, Rotten, Dirty Money to name a few--not exactly the kind of stuff to cheer you up and erase any apocalyptic thought. Or, the content can be completely unreal: Dystopian societies of superheroes saving galaxies is tought to grasp when you look up into the sky and see just a full moon and the greatest physical achievements you have seen are the ones in your wildest wettest teenage adolescent dreams.

Ugly: Streaming can get you steaming--The fear porn festers and is more addicting and damging than pornhub. Grow a pair, put a condom on your fear--otherwise it will get ugly.