• Dylan Caufield

Blue States and the CoronaVirus

Updated: Apr 26

Let me just say for the record I completely believe that the coronavirus is real and it is a pandemic. The ease at which COVID-19 spreads seems to be the troubling factor, couple it with the many unknowns about the virus itself, causing countries across the globe to hit the economic pause, consequently creating a cocktail that is laced with fear. Fear and politics are no strangers, for fear is a very effective way to advance political agendas. Politics never seems to let an unfortunate act go to waste and it seems to be in full bloom with the corona crisis. Maybe it is coincidental—maybe in some part delusional—but it is worth making some keen observations.

Blue states, and especially blue cities--areas in the U.S. that did not vote for Trump in 2016 appear to be the early and eagr bidders in this stimulus package. They were also the early to go "shelter in place". California and New York are the two biggest players sucking up the most oxygen in the media. These states have dense, diverse, and transient populations, and these populations have the highest probability of passing on the virus. This presents credibility for these states to have a very loud voice at the bully pulpit to scream for their medical and financial demands to help stem the flow of the virus. And when the federal government has their wallet open don't be shy, don't stutter, and don't hold back. One does not get what he does not ask for my father frequently said. This is no different in politics. This all spells PORK and Nancy Pelosi knows how to serve it up. The wish list of Democratic wants from the stimulus including but not limited to: emission standards for airlines, credits for windmills, money for Planned Parenthood, collective bargaining for unions,money for National Endowment for the Arts, and election ballot harvesting provisions. So after everybody chews on their flavored fat how much actually goes to Joe six pack at his devastated business is always uncertain and always shortchanged. Everytime these stimulus packages are escorted out these politicians are smiling so big as if they had plastic surgery on their face. They espouse on all the righteous b.s. talking points of providing something good for the needy Americans, while the other side of their mouth they are salivating like Pavlov's dog. Who knows how much is going to be kicked back, through some elaborate money laundering scheme, into their re-election campaign or in dollars bills in their freezer.

Illinois, another very blue state that hates Trump, and is no stranger to gun shootings, has elected to advance their anti gun agenda by banning gun sales during this crisis. Other parts of the country are doing similar actions. Los Angeles, a sanctuary city, wants to make sure they get a huge chunk of money as well as an assurance that their insane look the other way from criminal illegal immigrants cruising the city is entact.

Now the Michigan governor and the Nevada governor are vehemently opposed to doctors and pharmait prescribing hydrochloroquine to treat corona virus. Hydrochloroquine with a Z pack has been showing positive results in many cases to defeat this virus. President Trump recommended this as an alternative, which is w probablt why they do not want it to be used. Blue state politicians must be on marching orders to make sure that no political victories, even in a pandemic, go to Trump. This mindless unexplainable political interplay is what makes the populous distrust them and wonder about the severity of this virus.

The pandemic needs to be curbed and kept in check, but who in their right mind is motivting these politicians to make such brazen demands in such scary times.