• Dylan Caufield

Black Awakening, Dem Deflections, Alien Deception

There is an awakening--and it is coming with a dark pigment but not from the dark side. The left is losing control of the narrative, especially the same old tired one--Republicans hate blacks, whites hate blacks, republicans are racist, blah blah blah--and what do they have to show for it. Riots and economic despair in the inner cities. It is blatantly obvious that the black card is slipping from their hand. I find it strange twist of irony that Democrats who are defecting are black and the Republicans that are defecting are white (these rhinos all have deep state, intelligence world ties that they do not want Trump implicating them on)

After the Republican National Convention CSPAN was flooded with calls from libtards saying that they are not voting for Biden, but for Trump. Blacks are waking up to the message that Trump made crystal clear: all these cities that are rioting are run by Democrats. For 50 years, and now the blacks have voted for Democrats falling prey to the usual bashing cliches, and now it is not resonating. This is obviously good news for Trump's chances, but it is bad news for the patriots, for the push back will be even harder. They will not back down--they just keep doubling down with more danger and lies. Be prepared. The libtards fear porn is so transparent the people are woke to the scam, and the more the patriots get ahead of the curve, the harder the deep state will resist. I have increased my stock of ammo, bought a generator, and piled up on non-perishable foods.

The Black Panther has died, on Jackie Robinson day--coincidence or conspiracy. It is pathetic we have to think this way, but considering the evil, souless,, occultist, hedonistic world of Hollyweird--nothing would surprise me. He was born in South Carolina, home of the Carolina Panthers, Chadwick Boseman, a black Christain, who played not only Jackie Robinson, but James Brown and Thurgood Marshall. He understood the importance of telling important black stories. These stories were told through the lens of overcoming adversity and historical racism, not heavily layered with bias. It was history, and he did not rewrite it. He championed civil rights not boisterous hate of white privilege. Some curious observations and thoughts: Jackie Robinson wore 42. and on 4 20 of this year, he was rumored to be fired by Marvel Comics--apparently over a tiff that he, the Black Panther, was going to be replaced with a female panther. It is the 100 years since women suffrage, women granted the right to vote, and maybe, he was going to endorse Trump for president and not the party of a female veep.

Dems are trying to distract because their convention was a rating disaster. It was a full week of Trump-bashing doom and gloom hate America. It was a four-night echo chamber of fake news, and it was not good television. Netflix should shelve it under the reference, "because you watched paint dry" or "because you are a sheep," then watch this. Of course, Obummer sits on the board, so it will be edited with all the gizmos that fake news offers then be re-released as a critically acclaimed ten-episode documentary that will be trending on every sheep's inbox. Every speech was as shallow as a puddle. Substance and policy were completely suppressed. George Costanza would have been proud--it was a four-night show about nothing. Sure, everybody had an O when O blather spoke off his teleprompter. It sounded good and convincing, yet it followed the usual libtard template--blame Trump, lie, deny, and deflect. Michael did not disappoint, 'it' gave a pre-recorded speech, no mention of Hobama as VP, and the thing spewed out a bunch of junk, similar to what is between 'its' legs. The overriding theme is that the Dems want the issue more than a solution. It's a very simple but highly effective template. Manufacture a crisis, or if it is an organic one, attach legs to it in an effort to promote chaos then blame Trump for promoting chaos followed by a lecture to him for doing so.

Then there is Biden. He knows things are slipping, because now he may have to debate Trump. He is now resorting to a standard Democratic practice--blame something on your opponent when you are in fact the party responsible. The two most egregious examples--the riots in the cities and the canceling of canceled college football season in the Big 10 and Pac 12. Anybody, who has had the ears and eyes opened (this is what excessive mask-wearing will do) knows that old and tireless 45 has been willing and able to send in federal troops ( if they ask, but they won't, and he has written proof they denied his help) to pacify the unruly protest in the appropriate cities. Furthermore, the Orange man has wanted everything open, especially schools, for it is laughable for the Jo Ho ticket to try to deflect this on him. The Dems are asking up to touch our toes without questioning. Take one for the country because they are all out of ideas, and the only cognitive thought that eeks out of their gray matter is that Trump is bad. They are a bunch of Karens and they personify everything that Karen's stand for. They are desperate and bitchy. They are that sassy teenager who thinks she is all that when everybody knows she is all crap.

Trump's acceptance speech was patriotic, positive, spiritual, and lengthy. Biden's was about 8 seconds and who knows how many takes it took him to deliver this acceptance speech. CNN wept as if it was MLK "I have a dream"--an understandable reaction since the expectation for Sleepy Joe was as low as his veeps primary poll numbers. Nevertheless, both sides agree Biden delivered an Oscar performance., (Will we ever see that trophy again?) Wow! the silence from Hollyweird is so clear you could hear Tom Hanks slurp on some adrenochrome from Greece or the ankle bracelet jingle on Ellen Degeneres. There is usually a parade of A list actors dishing out the usual drivel against conservatives during the DNC and election season in general. The parades and protest that resonate with the public, and they are trying to drown out with BLM stuff, is the parades and protesting of the child sex trafficking, yelling "defund Hollywood." This is getting real and woke, but don't turn on MSM to hear about it. Anyway, this year not one pedoface spoke at the Commie Convention--not one blood-sucking, blood-drinking, child abuser went on the tube to hypocritically preach their empty platitudes with scripted facial contortions to uphold the Democratic party, and of course themselves, as the champion voice of reason. This party of so-called reason and so-called peace is threatening and demanding to contest and not to concede the election at any cost--load up on ammo.

The ultimate fake news rebuke came from the RNC when Nick Sandermann spoke. How can anybody ever watch CNN again after his speech? Anybody, even with a low double-digit IQ (that includes you Maxine Waters) suggests that this teenage boy was some kind of oppressor. CNN deserves to have their balls sued off ( please hand them over to a republican rhino) and be charged with sedition.

Anyway, the report is that the elites and celebrities are bugging out of California because of high taxes and violence. This is just pure bs cover story for the obvious--Hollywood is under house arrest. Hollywood is closed, and the people know why. The more this covid drama plays out the more it becomes evident that it has provided perfect cover for rounding up the pedos. Covid takes on so many subplot of distractions with protest, riots, and arguments about masks , alternative cures, and mandatory vaccinations. These diversions are welcome noise pollutions. Now man-made natural disasters have hit California and other parts of the U.S. should instill enough fear porn to the masses while the FBI moves in to arrest or serve subpoenas to the pervs. Remember, this is a global ring--a huge, multi-billion dollar industry that requires precise planning and execution to be successful. Plenty of pedos and pervs to round up in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Newsom also wants disaster federal disaster relief to launder through his completely bankrupt state. Hurricane season is coming and we will see which debt-ridden blue state gets hammered. Could this be a coincidental ominous twisted end to Operating Hurricane?

COVID has provided a lot of cover for many powerful entities--a big one is the Federal Reserve. It is no longer privately owned. POTUS took it from the European crime families ( sshhh!...the Vatican is so quiet I could hear the silent prayers coming from the probably dead treasonous Pope). POTUS needs to shut down the CDC before they start another Plandemic. Did you know that COVID means the "certification of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence? " Remember that when they ask you to take the vaccine.

5G needs to be brought to the forefront again. The coincidences of 5G , COVID, and civil unrest is too much to overlook. Is the Deep State telling people to leave for the rural areas and get the F out of the city? Are they doing so because they are realizing that the incredibly high frequency, high radiation, from 5G is proving not to be effective in densely populated areas? Like everything else that seeps into the public domain, it has been planned for years. However, the Deep State knew that the 5G high frequency for delivering maximum data speeds for all of this super hi-tech AI stuff would present enormous problems with the oxygen supply in the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, one of the largest fake news PSYOP's (up until this one) had to be introduced and brainwashed to the public--'global warming' which has been altered to 'climate change'. So they have inundated us with charts, numbers, bogus statistics, and nerdy guys with bow ties explaining how carbon emissions will make the situation worse in the future, such as plants dying because of its excess. Remember, Fukushima, that disaster clearly proved that plankton is destroyed and thus the food chain, with excessive radiation, and thus oxygen production from the oceans will be destroyed. Hold on to your drink, but all of these processes were nefarious depopulation and genocide agendas to make life on earth less dependent on oxygen, and thus depopulation is their answer. Sounds crazy, look up Bill Gates comments on depopulation, and Stephen Hawkins comments about the earth is too far gone to be repaired. These Deep State elites say that the only solution is a mulligan--a big do-over. However, only the Kabal get to take another swing off the tee. They would survive and control earth because They KNOW what will happen and not anyone else. They hide in the basement (maybe that is the virtue signal that Biden is serving) and us peons languish on earth to die. Hopefully, this is fear porn, but I fear not. Why is robotics so high on the list to replace humans and transhumanism is being pushed so hard on Agenda 21?

Final thoughts:

Does LowBrain James know that the Malcolm X book he is holding and knows nothing about absolutely dispels his BLM narrative?--It is okay when you have MSM to lie and cover for you, and you have a fan base that are zombies, sheep, and being taught the 1619 project. Let me help all these morons of history--in the last few years of Malcom's life, Malcolm X severely condemned the white liberal as the problem--could not agree more. The rich white liberal especially--let me give you some examples--Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, Tim Cook, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, are just a few)

Final Doomsday Thoughts:

All the political actions now are orchestrated under various UN agendas. The more I absorb and digest it looks as if these world leaders are just crisis actors guiding us to the endgame. The Nazis gave us all of this alien technology and the 4th Reich was setup in the USA to make this entire NWO possible. BLM is delivering the heil Hitler training now--demanding people that they address them with some BLM salute--wtf. The cabal has played an enormous role to help control the sheeple--and the control was mainly achieved through blackmail of most members to show loyalty to this cult and the eventual endgame to be achieved, thus the use of illegal sexual activities and child smuggling and the Epstein/Clinton foundation blackmail factory. That is how the cooperation of world leaders could allow mass immigrant migration as to destabilize the world and to place foreign elements in good countries that will eventually participate in the culling of the citizens of the countries they invaded. Germany is now “occupied” and thus Trump could move the troops to Poland as to be in a position to cull Polish people when the final nwo culling must be concluded. So the Filipinos were stationed in Australia and vice versa and Chinese placed in Mexico, ready to cull Mexicans and parts of the USA, where the 5G didn’t work. Antifa is surely paid by ‘somebody’ —find out who and it may be linked to the UN. We can expect a war or two in this process to ‘clean up’ the earth before the extreme loss of oxygen. The bunkers provide total isolation and oxygen creation and control, thus the select few were promised safe living conditions in exchange for their participation and many old members are probably already there, playing dead. The Elon Musk tube trains will provide the linking of continents and smart cities. The Mars projects will probably involve making Mars more habitable and eventually will become the new earth. From pictures I saw, Mars is already occupied and that must be their biggest secret.

Alien talk is heating up because there is an asteroid that is supposed to hit the earth on November 2nd---day before the election. I don't think it will happen, but this is 2020. I cannot wait until the Alien deception (Project Bluebeam) when the fake aliens bring back many dead famous people such as JFK, Elvis, Lady Di, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Munroe (all clones).  People have to realize these dead people are all fakes just like everything else that the US Government shows us.  Satan is trying to replicate God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob when the dead in Christ are raised during the Harpazo.  Satan can only clone people and pretend he has raised them from the dead. 

Lastly, ear to the ground crazy conspiracy noise: JFK Jr. is dead and so is Kim Jung Un.  The CIA probably hit Kim Jong Un with a directed energy weapon.  If anyone believes that JFK Jr. and his wife are still alive, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale that you can buy cheaply.  Bezos used containers to traffic, Musk also involved with Jeff Epstein, has had all his wealth taken from him, soon his life. Poroshenko and Merkel neutralized, replaced by a double. Lindsey Graham was in love with John McCain. King John III shall ascend to the throne; royals have been executed. Bernie Sanders died of a heart attack in 2019, double took over. Mossad responsible for Lebanon blast.