• Dylan Caufield


Before the election, I made a prediction that Trump would win in landslide. I still stand by that--it's just that there is going to be a lot of pain in the process. No pain no gain is the motto when it comes to physical workouts, and it is certainly true when trying to fend off foreign infiltrators of subverting our republic. If Trump successfully makes it through this media firestorm that is about to blow, and remains president, then start carving 45 on Mt. Rushmore.

I say the get the jar of red pills ready. The Trump card is going to be played, and for many it will be extrememly hard to swallow. That's okay, we have plenty of water in that deep deep rabbit hole that goes all the way to China. If that doesn't work, we have plenty of american made kentucky bourbon to shoot down the blissful ignorance and bring one to the unpleasant truth of MAGA consciousness. This a freakin huge bee sting and it is going to hurt, even us patriots, but I think the bruises along the way will be badges of courage for the victor that is upon us. Keep your head on a swivel, at all times, because my MAGA gut souces tell me something is going down between Nov. 17 to December 17. During this time they will be leaking out incriminating evidence up until December 12th, which is when the electorate has to cast their votes.

The upcoming lockdowns are planned noise to drown out any political victories that come Trump's way in the election drama. (Things I have wondered: why no lockdowns in third world countries? Is the US a large testing lab for testing? Was the vaccine and the so called virus created at the same time?) Anyway, the more the momentum leans toward Trump the harder the deep state will push back. Don't fall for any Trump concession crap. Trump don't play that way. The opposition have been calling him a c%nt for four years, so you know, he is saying, "F' me?, no F' you." The deep state will be exposed.

I am not giving up on Chinafornia going red. These rigged machines with rigged algorithims have been used in this state and I am convinced that they ripped us off so long ago (has not been red since Reagan) that people have been conditioned to take the blue pill at 8:01 on election night every four years. The only red we see is looking at our spread butt cheeks in the mirror. My theory is that if Trump gets reeelcted he has a full deck of Trump cards to play, and all of it coming from the deck of the rigged voting machine. He needs to audit all of the states that used it., which means the golden state can stick that secession crap right back up Pelosi's botox ass. How does this senile 80 year old woman keep getting reelected with over 70 percent of the vote in her district so she can keep killing babies to get her adrenachrome? Well, look at our current election and you have the answer. I will have a viagara type moment, maybe run around the block naked, if that bitch goes down.

As we see this play out it so obvious that we have evolved into a banana republic right in front of our eyes. For years there has always been whispers of cheating or election fraud. It's been going on so long we have accepted it, acknowledged that the playing field is corrupt, ad moved on. The media, who has always been on it, just followed the script, claiming the winner to be a fighter, a do what it takes politician, and the usual host of bullshit cliches covering for this cheater as the voice of the people. Well now, the gig is up, and it appears that Trump is going to hang them with their own rope. When everybody was trying to cook Trump's goose on Russia, Trump signed, on September 12, 2018, an executive order claiming certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in a United States election. This order is still active today, and of course no one has covered this because we do not have journalism, nobody ask questions about Biden, but when it comes to Trump, the media will follow all the leads, even the fake ones. I am confident in Trump's position right now because the loonies in the left are fire breathing dragons speaking in generalities, emotion, and character assassination--completely avoiding any questions about evidence of vote fraud. Come on man!

Once the dust settles, I believe that Trump will be standiing, convincingly, as the president. And when he is announced we could go dark, becaue if he had not released everything up until then, you know he will in second term. The patriots are moving too fast, and they know it. The internet has created a web of lies, deceit, and disinformation that eventually the truth will win out. It is humanly impossible to clog every hole in real time.

This is a sophisticated, military operation interwoven with fake germ warfare that even has some WWF qualities to it. This 2020 election, call it Operation FU, is a very risky, complicated PSYOP that must exercise some extremes to deliver the necessary punch. As I said, if Trump pulls this off, he defeats the globalist scum, he will be carved into the mountain in South Dakota. The questions is--will he be killed in the process? Think about it--the MSM is pushing the narrative extremely hard that Biden is the president. Even though the media does not certify the legitimacy of the president, they are going to paint the perception that he is the president elect. How are they going to do this? They will keep saying that he exceeded the necessary 270 electoral votes. They will try to project the remaining states for Biden, thus increasing his totals. They will keep saying that Trump is a poor loser. Like I said, they will leak fake news of people saying that the president should concede. They have already done this with Melania. They will leak dirt and make up shit for all the blue pill libtards who live in the cocoon of fake news. The media is the virus and the weapon of the left. They have now recruited big tech into the realm. Big tech is a game changer for the fake news. They have huge amounts of money and incredible technological capabilities that make them a ferocious fire breathing monster impossible to ignore. The main evil that is rearing its ugly head is their ability to censor in real time. By suppressing the conservative narrative and increasing their own, they will increase the scope of their devious false reality. So this false fabricated reality will be reality to the lemmings in the left who wear mask and kowtow to the state propganda; consequently, there will be a tsunami of coronary blood vessels popping when the Supreme Court throws out all illegal votes. This will sound the alarm for the riots.

And the riots will be misguided. The wrath and gnashing of teeth will be at each other when it needs to be directed at foreign influence--and the foreign influence has many actors--hollywood, big pharma, politicians, business, and the media. The last one should be the most noticebale. Media outlets are bribed and/or compromised by some honeypot scheme. China can just print money --literally till kingdom come. I have heard that they have many many many assets within our borders. And that it is many many many more than what we have over there. The bottom line is that the whole system is broken, so for us to turn our heads and cough and just say let the "Big Guy" win is beyond ridiculous. Voting with free and fair elections is the absolute cornerstone of our republic, and if we just, say "Come On Man" and let this slide by...we are done.

It's complicated to explain in ten second sound bites, yet MSM uses ten second soundbites to explain a complex matter to the mask wearing low IQ Maxine Waters worshipping viewer. It is easier to convince the sheep through shouts of "racism" , "russia", and now add "disinfo" to the list without any elboration of the scam than try to articulate and connect the dots on the matter. Finally, do you expect them to explain something that would incriminate themselves or exonerate their foe. NEVER! Which is why we all need a big jar of red pills ready to hand out.

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