• Dylan Caufield

Public School

Updated: May 4

The students in public school are so prepared for life. People call them lazy pieces of sh***t(LAPOS) but that is just unfair. They may be LAPOS's but they are just pacing themselves, conserving their energy for the rigors of their future careers. We do not want our little honeys to blow a gasket and over exert themself. Life may kick them in the groin so we got to make sure that their girth is dunlapped over their belt to protect it. So public schools have equipped our little cherubs with skills of no exercise and no homework and no discipline. This way they do not get hurt. We don't want them to miss any school so we don't suspend them because they toke on a little weed or vape on a pen for breakfast. That properly relaxes them, subsides any anxieties, and lowers their IQ so that they can be an obedient welfare recipient. Public schools properly prepare students for the public doll. One just needs to stop acting like racist white folk and let them do their job.

#Students suck

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