• Dylan Caufield

A Scandemic of Pandemic Poker

Updated: Apr 26

Coronavirus has become a scam because it is now becoming political. I still have yet see an elected official on camera with a mask, yet they are telling the people to wear mask anytime they go outside. They keep preaching social distancing, yet I see press conference after press conference of a group of sanctimonious blabbaer mouth violating this edict. They keep saying we need to stay at home and stay away from large gatherings, yet the more we go outside the more we realize that not everybody is in a coughing fit and everything seems to be leaning toward normal. They keep saying we need to follow the other common sense guidelines outlined by the task force in order to achieve optimal results, yet common sense tells us that, in the big picture, this does not make common sense. It is game of poker between the patriots and the paranoid. Patriots are starting to get pent up with frustration. Paranoids feed into the fear porn and are afriad to breathe anywhere with or without mask. The patriots realize that the numbers just do not add up and the books are being cooked. There is an admitted effort to lump together those that died because of the corona virus and those that died with the corona virus. Paranoids don't care about that, for they stare at the global pandemic clock twenty four seven, get hysterical over the report of every new detection, and double up on their meds everytime a celebtrity test positive. The patriots say no effort is made to mention the survival rate which is over 98%, and if the stats were not manipulated would be well over 99%. In California over 700 people die everyday, for whatever reason during a normal calendar year. During this pandemic the death rates in California have no evidence of a spike or an outlier because of the corona virus. Yet Governor Newsom's six step plan for opening is very involved, convuluted, and not even remotely promising to anything normal or anytime soon. The bottom line is that patriots want to lead the charge and get America back to work. The paranoid want to listen to follow the paranoid propaganda press and opportunistic politicians which preach caution, fear, and relapse if we fail to listen to these so called experts that have been sensationally wrong in every projection. Obviously the models used for projections were way off or the information relayed to these experts was erroneous. But with each push and shove from both sides, it is becoming more evident that this is a game of pandemic poker where "normal" will be completely redefined and the normal people will have discovered a new normal in losing their rights and getting screwed.