• Dylan Caufield

9/11 and COVID-19

9/11 and COVID-19, just typing the numbers in the title makes me realize how similar these PSYOPs are. A false flag terrorist attack versus a false flag pandemic--the former escorted the suppression of the right to privacy, a huge Orwellian department of homeland security in exchange for individual safety, the latter has fast forward what 9-11 set in motion--global controls usurping our constitution by way of medical tyranny and big brother big tech--and both were ushered in by deep state politicians and a complicit mainstream media. Mark Twain said, history doesn't repeat, it rhymes.

I was a young adult on 9/11 and I remember the day well. The internet was just a mild supplement to the media. Cell phones were not as ubiquitous and the smartphone had yet to be introduced. This is important to note because the government is typically 20-30 years, at least, ahead of what is released into public consumption. Media footage was much easier to control, furthermore, social media had yet to get revved up, which made the dissemination of raw, unedited footage very easy to contain. Raw footage from various VHS recording on 9/11 have leaked over the years, and it seems every year they exacerbate the inconsistencies of what we already know. Many eyewitnesses never saw any planes and many of them heard explosions very similar to bombs. Crisis actors were on the scene to parrot the controlled narrative. We were not aware of such nefarious means at the time--not until Sandy Hook did the public begin to wake up to this CIA, Operation Mockingbird, media manipulation scam. But it was employed big time on 9-11. Then these so-called suicidal pilots that hijacked airplanes and flew 767's into the twin towers, into the Pentagon, and created a crash landing in Somerset County, PA. First of all, the shock and awe of the moment evaporated a great deal of common sense, especially engineering anomalies and pyrochemical protocols that seriously challenge, not just the narrative, but the optics of a plane flying through the building and simultaneously the tower exploding. In retrospect, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania situations were heavily discussed but the crime scene seemed too neat. A big gaping hole in the accounting records department of the Pentagon, and Rumsfield the day before conveniently mentioned that trillions were unaccounted for in the Defense Department. Then, in Pennsylvania, voila, photo IDs of Saudi terrorists, but no visible airplane debris. The only aerial phenomenon is a rumored rocket or missile that shot it down, not a crash landing. And speaking of debris, all of it was scooped up and sent to India--a convenient country to pollute and destroy incriminating evidence. A nice little juicy jag to the Pennsylvania story that I find kind of funny was how Mark Wahlberg's career skyrocketed after 9/11. He was supposed to be on Flight 93, but he pulled out last minute for some reason. Wahlberg played the part and read the script given to him to perfection, saying he would have taken out those bad boy terrorists and maybe there would have been a different outcome. Big movie parts started falling in his lap as long as the wink and nod were understood.

The media beautifully fed this PSYOP bs on a platter and we ate up with a fork and spoon. We were played like a fiddle, for it beautifully led into fury and outrage at the Muslim world, particularly Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, the two evil culprits at the time, and therefore commit heavy military action in Afghanistan and Iraq. We all bought it-- I bought it--but as each passing year the story, like the twin towers began to crumble. Qanon said that there would be a "Great Awakening"...and this is one of many cold buckets of water being thrown on the patriot's face. I have concluded this exclamation by Q as meaning "research." The patriots, through the significant assets of the big tech cyberworld which have become serious deep state liabilities, have become 'woke' and 'red-pilled' to the PSYOP on 9/11 and the continuous ongoing one in 2020. CGI, holograms to replicate the planes crashing through the towers--and direct energy weapons to invisibly ignite an explosion with planted dynamite made it all look very real. Wide-angle lenses were narrowed so long-distance footage of any aerial flight coming into the twin towers was not seen--only explosions of the building are evident. They only showed some simulations, much like your GPS tracking in your car, of where the alleged hijackers got the airplane and then flew it into the building, but that's it. MSM leaked all kinds of chants of "Allah", Sharia law type prayers from the cockpit to reinforce Islam hate rhetoric and crank up the war machine. There are many commentaries off the air, or mishaps on the air that are no longer public, making reference to not seeing a plane but seeing an explosion. Raw footage of the Pentagon exploding, but no visible sight of any aerial object has been removed. Look a the California wildfires and we know that direct energy weapons are deadly effective and difficult to dispute. Throw all of this into your fake bowl of soup then pepper it wit the revelation everybody knows now but were not made aware of on 9-11, and that is the WTC #7--a third tower that went down--in a controlled demolition just like the twin towers and there is no footage, fake or otherwise, of a plane hitting the building. Deep State pulled off this PSYOP, but over time I have noticed that the passion, patriotism, and plotting attention to detail have seriously waned with each passing year. We get the usual memes of "We Remember" and readings of the names, but MSM is careful not to tread into any debatable detail of the day's events.

The patriots have caught up to the lie. One can argue that 9/11 was the last blue pill everybody swallowed, except for the 45th president in the making Donald Trump. The swamp is littered with criminals associated with 9/11 and Trump knows it. Trump, a developer from New York, was fully aware of the insurance fraud, money laundering committed by Larry Silverstein (purchased twin towers just before 9/11), and AIG (the underwriter on the buildings). Oh, and remember The Great Recession in 2007-2008 when Oscama okayed billions in the bailout to AIG. Yeah, good ole AIG, a big proponent of that scam Obamacare--you know the one--"if you want your doctor, you can use our doctor." But hey, it sounded great coming through his bisexual lip-reading off the teleprompter. 9-11 also brought to light the zionist Jewish crime mafia behind the operation--not to be confused with traditional orthodox jews. These zionist jews deftly blamed everybody else, and they also became aligned with Russian mafia jews that ran out the Italian mafia jews, whose main hub of operation in New York, Miami, and all the port cities across the United States. These crime families are generally in partnership with presidential crime families, like Bush, Clinton, and Obama, but not Trump.


A pandemic that has turned into a scamdemic and, like 9-11, has scared enough sheep to accept the fake news narrative. Sheep did not wince about taking off their shoes and dropping trou at the airport to affirm their own safety. Ditto with the sheep wearing their mask while driving in their car. I said it before, this is all dog training for conformity--communism--and the new world order. COVID is the perfect baton handoff to Agenda 21--the people are going "baa-baa" loud enough that they will obediently touch their toes to any and all UN solutions. The politicians and the media will bring the lubrication then before you know and it is too late, the cattle will have morphed into malleable globalist and all the black sheep will be sent to the Marxist slaughterhouse. Medically tyranny is the perfect handoff of the baton to Agenda 21--which is literally getting fired up to blame all misfortunes on global warming, climate change, or just mankind in general--and of course Trump.

President Eisenhower, our 34th president, passionately warned us of the military-industrial complex. 9/11 proved that it was and still is in full bloom. The impetus of troop escalation began after 9/11 and we still have troops deployed in these regions. Trump is the only president that has asked why? And because of it, the top military brass hates him, however, the soldiers love him. If he gets re-elected, will he actively go to war with China to appease the MIC or will he continue to resist? Let's hope for the latter.